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Title: Parent-in-laws getting harassed by daughter-in-law
Post by: swarnapuri on September 16, 2017, 10:42:02 PM
I'm the elder daughter-in-law writing on behalf of my parent-in-laws(PIL). My PIL are above 60 years, they got my brother-in-law married on 19th Nov 2015. After few months of their marriage because of the girls rude, blackmail and abusive nature they had some disturbances which were brought to the elders notice from both the ends. The elders from both the sides met in the girls grandparents home, the girl and her mother both started abusing the the elders of the boy side. After which she started harassing the boys parents. The issues grew and later in January 2017 they both were separated from our PIL Home. The disturbances still continued which rose visiting the police station twice, and then police cases(498A) was filed(on 29th May 2017) on my brother-in-law, PIL, myself and my husband. As me and my husband were out of that house for more than 14 months so our names were dismissed from the case. the girl stayed with her parents for 2 months after filing the case. In August girls parents have come to send the girl back to my in-laws home, for which my PIL didn't allow her to enter the home as she filled false case against them. She and her parents then barged into my in-laws house breaking the locks of gates and doors in their absence on 19th August 2017. Now not allowing my parent-in-laws to enter their own earned self property. My PIL have filled FIR against them for illegally breaking the doors and staying inside the house. Currently boy is not in contact with anyone and not willing to stay with her and filled the divorce case.
My co-sister is also abusing me over whats-app blaming me into false ALLEGATIONS.
My PIL need support which they are not getting from police or any one, even after filling the FIR against girl and their family.
Lawyer and police suggesting to get them out of house forcefully.
My PIL are very weak and cannot do such feat and afraid of other false cases she may file against them.
lawyer is saying if we go legally, case may take minimum one year time to solve.
Do getting injuction order and forcing them to leave house will work?
Is there any guidance/support we can get so that we can save our family from the people like my co-sister and her family.

My PIL, thought of getting injuction order for the house but our Lawyer suggested even that won't work out, still we need to independently and forcefully need to remove them out of house. We are in need of support, Please do give valuable suggestions and help us.

Thanks and Regds,
Title: Re: Parent-in-laws getting harassed by daughter-in-law
Post by: Sanjeev Nanda on October 05, 2017, 04:54:43 AM
Go and hire a local advocate, on behalf of your PIL he will present a application of domestic violence against the daughter in law of elders. Court also have passed a ruling in favour of PIL.