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Title: Broken marriage & troubled parents.
Post by: needysoul on September 29, 2017, 04:28:39 AM

I got married 4 years back , last 3 years my wife and I are having some differences. We live in a joint family setup in a house registered under my name but half paid by my dad from his retirement money and rest paid by me in EMI as part of home loan ..(My dad would have bought the house in cash down but our Idea was that I will be able to save big on income tax).

Recently she threatened to kick my parents out of the house as she is aware that house is under my name even though half money was paid by my dad. I am still paying the emi's and would like to transfer the property to my parents so as to provide them a roof over their head if my marriage does not work out.

What will be a good option .. should I sell the property and buy a new one for my parents under their name or just sign a gift deed to my mother.? Can my wife ask for the house after the gift deed in case we file for divorce.
Title: Re: Broken marriage & troubled parents.
Post by: adv.amarnath on October 01, 2017, 09:22:50 AM
Options you have thought are open to you but question is your wife has no rights to say anything in respect of your house. If you are seeking divorce then proceed. There is no need to sell or gift the property.
Title: Re: Broken marriage & troubled parents.
Post by: Sanjeev Nanda on October 04, 2017, 01:25:05 AM
Instead of these all options just talk to your wife by putting her parents on place of your parents. The respected court recently passed a ruling according to that  aged parents can file complain and ask for livelihood from their children, also if daughter in law abuse them, they have right to file a case against her. So she can not drive them out of home.

Sanjeev Nanda
A Law aspirant