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Title: Change of Name- Letter SAMPLES
Post by: architjain1111 on September 30, 2017, 03:55:01 AM
Dear All
I wanna CHANGE MY NAME by adding surname to it. I HAVE an Affidavit and have made Advertisement in the local newspaper also. But I am having problems with official Gazette requirements. I DON'T HAVE any Sample of Letters accompanying with the overall Set of documents.
It would be greatful if you help me with the SAMPLE LETTER of the following 2 letters:
1- Request Letter along with the requisite fees.
2- A certificate declaring hard and soft copy are similar.

Thank You
Title: Re: Change of Name- Letter SAMPLES
Post by: afroznitw on October 05, 2017, 11:57:00 AM

I am facing the same problem, I made an affidavit, published in news paper, next step is to prepare a list of documents

a) Annexure I - You will get it from District Magistrate / Tahsildar
b) Citizenship Certificate from Gazetted officer - Kindly anyone help me with format and procedure to get this
c) 4 Photographs
d) Educational certificates
e) Police Clearance Certificate for last 5 years as no adverse record.

Now go to district magistrate and apply for name change, he will give you annexure II after due enquiries that you are a CITIZEN of India. You should now apply to another commissioner of government printing department along with annexure II and prescribed fee for gazette publication.

All the best ...