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Title: Forced Overtime, Salary Calculations & Working Hours
Post by: Sabby003 on October 03, 2017, 06:26:16 AM

I wanted to know what I can do in  order to get paid what I deserve.
1st of all let me tell you the practices in the company which frustrates.
1. 9:30 hours of login every day, which is more than 45 hours as per Indian Law.
2. Forced unpaid Overtime.
3. Salary is counted as per working days,i.e weekoff's are not counted which leads to a huge deduction incase of leaves.
4.If we are not well, we are not supposed to inform he manager but instead the HR which leaves around 10:00PM & our shift extends till 03:00am.
5. If we take a medical leave without informing the HR, 2 days of salary is deducted.

Please advise me what can I do to get back what i deserve