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Title: Annulment of marraige
Post by: krishnam on December 14, 2017, 02:21:53 AM
I married a woman out of my state. My state is TN and she from bihar. she doesnt speak tamil and english very little. i speak very little hindi. somehow marriage took place due to her family promises. The marriage took place exactly one year ago. We lived together only for 3 months.

I am seeking to end my marriage for following reasons

1. Wife specified her age as 38 instead of 40.

2. Wife is mentally incapable of her own decisions, and not sound enough to be in a marital relationship.

3. Too close relationship between wife and her brother to the point of being incestuous.

4. Black magic rituals and harassing husband by performing such rituals at night.


Video proof of mental incapacity.
Brother's emails/whatsapp communicaition with wife

Please let me know what is my best bet to get annulment or divorce, as the wife is unwilling for mutual consent.
Title: Re: Annulment of marraige
Post by: advjaibansal on December 18, 2017, 11:19:24 PM
Dear Sir,

Based on these grounds annulment of marriage is not possible. You may file for divorce on the grounds of cruelty against the wife.

Jai Bansal, Advocate
Supreme Court of India, Delhi