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Title: Land owner not registering land
Post by: Shravan on February 06, 2018, 10:28:36 PM
I have bought a400 yards land costing for 24 lacs 2.5 yrs back I have paid almost 22 lacs by cheque or bank transfers.still he(X) is not registering land.when I enquired I found the land alloted to me was registered on another party(Y).when I asked him directly,he made a mou on stamp paper with the X &Y signatures. But that mou wasnot written in a proper way.again when I asked him after finding out that signature on mou is forged.he made another MOU. I am having both the MOUs now.till now he says he will register the present all the lands are sold out and he has got only land mortgaged under muncipal ity.meanwhile we have filed a case against him and fir was raised.he admitted that I have paid him the amount and as I didn't paid him 2 lacs balance he didn't register and will register when mortgage land is released .so is it required now to file a performance suit along with out of order and injunction.if so how much will it cost approximately to file suit , out of order and injunction.please help me out.
Title: Re: Land owner not registering land
Post by: kalaskarkk on February 13, 2018, 12:44:08 AM
Dear Sir,

Filing a suit for specific performance cost you much and it will take two to three years to dispose, thereafter he may appeal against such judgment if it is against him. Better you go for attaching the properties which are standing in his name by filing a suit or otherwise.