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Law Students / Latest Government Jobs 2018 in Law
« Last post by ravimahawar on May 17, 2018, 05:07:25 AM »
Every year lakh of aspirants appears in various competitive exams organized by different government departments.
Having a government job is becoming trend in India.
Candidates who completed their graduation or post graduation in Law can check the latest vacancies from the below mentioned link.
The notifications for these Government Jobs are announced centrally.
Check the required eligibility criteria and apply for the post.
Company laws / Re: is it good to reply to a legal notice
« Last post by Avvvin on May 17, 2018, 04:07:23 AM »
Before replying legal notice see the whole scenario that is mention on notice, if it's really benifical then reply otherwise hold for sometime...
Property laws / Re: Rights in common property
« Last post by Avvvin on May 16, 2018, 11:59:36 PM »
First one is all about mutual understanding...
Property laws / Rights in common property
« Last post by San.123 on May 16, 2018, 02:31:34 AM »
This property has two co-owners.My questions are
*Do both of them share equal responsibility in maintainance ? Or is there any work off saying I am staying outside inspite of maintaining movable and immovable property in premise and taking active decision in family  ? If so is it a rule or a matter of personal understanding ?
* Can one of them grant residency to a person of choice contrary to the wish of the other .
* Can one keep his personal belongings in common area . Do other has any power of objection provided it is a matter of understanding only .No marking of area has been done providing space for any particular person . Here one is keeping his personal belongings for long and is objecting to introduction of belongings of the other .

Employment laws / Job denied after maternity leave
« Last post by Kishore Ravindran on May 15, 2018, 10:24:47 PM »
Hi All,

I am in a great dilemma, my wife is working in a private engineering college , as Assistant professor in computer science department. She was on maternity leave from Nov4th 2017 and wished to rejoin after 3 months, the college semster has begun by that time and she extended her leave till the new semster as advised by the college management. Now while approaching the management for rejoining, they are not confirming the date, they are saying " will intimate us" and they will allow to rejoin, only after checking the student to staff ratio.
she was working there since 2015 and it is a contractual type of employment, as they dont have PF or gratuity benefits. Salary is paid through bank a fixed amount every month.
Does the Labour act or any employment act protects her legally?
Kindly advise ,the legal possibilities of fighting the issue.

Dear Sir / Ma'am,

I am a property agent. I had given flat on lease in mumbai to a company with heavy deposit of Rs.15 lacs & rent Rs. 33,000. I was the broker for flat owner & tenant had his different broker. Due to financial crises owner's said flat was mortgaged & defaulted the bank emi , The account was NPA & bank had to take the forceful possession on courts order & had to auction it in the market. In this process tenant had to move out of the said property.

The deposit was interest free & refundable to the tenant after expiry of lease but owner failed to refund the deposit.

The tenant filed complaint against me under section 420 of cheating & fraud.

Anywhere in the transaction i havent received any funds related to deposit in my account.

The tenant continuously threatening me to refund his money against deposit & later on also mentioned just get my money back from the said owner he was harassing me .

I have the call recording where he said all these words.

I have submitted all the evidences & proofs to police department a year ago but again tenant   has filed case against me.

What should I do ? What can be the consequences on me.

thanks in advance 
Property laws / How a property be ideally distributed among me and my brother
« Last post by San.123 on May 15, 2018, 05:05:50 AM »
Hello all,
My father had built one storey house in his purchased  plot . Right now he is survived with me , my brother (1yr 3 months younger) and our mother. After college my brother started working in elsewhere. It was then verbally decided he have to build first floor withhis own finances as he is not staying in . He used to send back a sum of ₹3000 and after 2013  ₹5000 discontinuously as our Father was devoid of any pension .But part of this amount send was used
*to look after his share of property
* his food and lodging bill upon stay
*any gift purchased for him
 in exchange of any medical bill for him to avail tax benefits .
I was not so well off as his but used to earn from home and make a living for us three . I lost 1 lakh rupees in business , which I could not expand or run smoothly without their objections  since no area marking have been done till date  .Father helped me out contradicting my brothers objections and getting into bad terms with him .
Then  ,father was diagnosed with cancer and my brother married first and wanted to walk out of all responsibilities keeping his share of inheritance intact . Being the first daughter-in-law his wife refused to take any responsibilities and stayed away to expand their empire excusing him of any duty (even monetary allowance he used to send ) towards us . . When contested he started demanding more and more property and favour against the money asking for garner as he had to build 1st Floor by himself.
1. Permission to build one extra floor
2. 1/2 of floor build value which equals to 10 lakh or right to occupy one fourth of G. Floor extra .When father threatened him to disown him and mortgage out his portion he was compelled to revert back to his previous economic deal but started guerilla warfare against me .
 He stated that he can only take care of parents if they come at his place where he started to blackmail our Father into writing him a larger share of property.
. Then I married , but my bride and my daughter were sustaining themselves and all my energy and earnings were spend after my parents. This is where my father developed hospital acquired desease and cancer returned for second time . I had to take loans of about 6 lakhs for his treatment . I had to even break my and my wife's saving in order to take care of two . My brother did nothing extra till my father's last days . He only gave ₹30000 extra along with 15000 for his last chemo in last three months . In turn he stayed in for about 1 and half months spending about 15000 of our hard earned money as he cannot but live lavish. He had also objected to construction of cabinets as it would disallow them the use of my wife's and daughters belongings.
Father died back in 2015 and I am struggling to build back my finances . Me and my wife are working double time .   He had shown his prowess and pomp to our relatives to win them over also used emotional reason saying he has to stay out of state and so on. But till date he has done very little for the real person/thing under concern i.e. our father and our mother. and our ancestral home .
Right now my wife has suffered spinal injury while looking after our mother who had suffered stroke back in 2016 after being weak and frail from looking after our father . Mother didnot approved of hired help . And since my only daughter was young and immune depressant my wife could not help much , though she was the only one other than me myself to work out these situations. I was the only one available to work hand in hand with mother and I tried my best . My brother and his family were nowhere to be seen and he was busy buying one flat for himself.
Then in came my brother , took mother with him for six and started demands of mutation based upon an unfinished will which he tried to wrestle out from father.
On contest he started threatening to dishonour me and have gone to relatives and neighbours alike spreading rumours . In return he was stuck with duties of our mother so he started taking up an issue that we have driven mother out . While in correct scenario they have left their rooms and belongings under lock and key .
Property laws / Illarikam alludu right on uncle property
« Last post by anilkumar32 on May 14, 2018, 09:52:41 PM »
Did Illarikam son in law has a right on uncles property??
Marriage / In laws trying to control me and my Streedhan
« Last post by San.123 on May 14, 2018, 08:17:37 PM »
Mother-in-law told me the day after marriage -
1. My husband suffers from cognitive and fine motor imbalance so cannot be pressurized to earn more.
2. I have to take extra care to support him.

And right now she is making me
1. Work for the whole family as well as
2. Spend my hard earned money ( I used to work before marriage ) to support her ,her cause (to repay 6 lakhs of loan amount taken for treatment of her cancer ridden husband ,now dead ) and her frequent guests (here her other son and family , though they are well off and living elsewhere ) . Whereas I and my little daughter are facing hardship.
3. Since my husband is supposed to be in efficient my brother-in-law is exercising his control over family affairs supported by mother and I have to abide by their standard .
4. Brother-in-law has right of half of property  which has not been marked . He is using that right to torment us saying we have no right to introduce new furniture into house or live our way.

If I purposefully stay away from my in-laws- place morally supported by my husband.
1. My Mother-in-law is maligning my character ,telling stories to everyone.
2. My brother-in-law is threatening us that they would make us lose inheritance of my husband's ancestral property.
3. Accusing my husband that he is a sissy .

What should we do ?
Does this law applies to all offsprings irrespective of their financial , social and other abilities ?
Does this law makes selective accounting of elder /eldest out of all sons and daughters or one who commands the whole household I.E. the most dominant copersoner in a Karta less HUF?
Is a son/daughter living abroad prosecutable under this law as he/she had not make any provisions for parents well beings?
Is a son financially unsettled and dependant on wife (who is a homemaker by profession and finance under question is entirely Streedhan ) liable to be prosecuted under this law if there exist another well settled sibling who is to inherit half of parents properties but living elsewhere and purposefully shrugging off his duties ? Who would be liable here 1 or 2?

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