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Title: Need help and suggeation
Post by: shr on August 17, 2015, 01:16:39 AM
i am married since 1.5 yrs but facing alot of issues since problem is my fatherin law is an income tax advocate but he threatens me like a goons now.all family members of my husband creating unnecessary issues n forcing me to get divorce which i dont want .my father in law has raised hands on me .my mother in law abuses brother in law threatens me as he is also legal advisor in husband is seeing everything. But dont have guts to says anything to anyone,he believes in saying whatever is his parents is doing must be for some good reason.i personally fight for myself always and try to be strong infront of they are creating situations where they want me to get divorced but i dont want that as my husband want to be together but he dont have that guts to say that also.what should i do.i have no marriage certificate but yes all marriage photographs ,recordings,wedding card as a proof.what should i do n what are my rights in marriage.plz help me
Title: Re: Need help and suggeation
Post by: saravanan.s on August 17, 2015, 01:39:02 AM
dont worry about marriage certificate.even if you dont have one the marriage is legally since you want to continue your life with your husband file a dv case on him and thats the only way if mediation through elders doesnt work.another thing is they cant force you for divorce and if they want to divorce you they got to file a contested divorce case only which you can contest on merits