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Title: College not providing MBA certificate
Post by: sara2868 on June 11, 2016, 10:38:45 PM
Dear All,

In 2011, Iíve joined a dual course- PGDFP(1yr) and MBA(2yr) in one of the college which as a branch in Chennai . The 1 yr course is certified by college itself and the MBA is certificated by Gauhati university.  This information was provided by college to me in written but after two months of starting the college, they have changed the MBA University to Karnataka state open university without even informing the students and we had no choice to continue the same. Though college states that it is not a distance education University certificate and it is a special course with the university which will be treated as normal certificate.  Finally we have completed the course in 2013 but they have closed the Chennai branch on the same year. With lots of difficulties, we have received the MBA marksheet in 2015 but have not received the MBA certificate till date. Itís going to be three years now and after several emails and follow up, the college is not proving any proper reply and asking us to pay money to get the provisional certificate alone but not giving any details on the degree certificate.

I would like to fail a case on college  which is currently running in Delhi,  for not providing the Gauhati University, for not providing the MBA certificate, asking to pay extra money...

Could you please help me with the option and if this can be done or any other advice ?

Title: Re: College not providing MBA certificate
Post by: advamrita on June 19, 2016, 10:38:18 PM
Send a legal notice first. Than file a case in consumer court.

Also register fir students. Should jointly file fir for fraud..