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Title: For acquiring Position on Land
Post by: dileep.p on November 07, 2016, 08:59:18 AM
         We have a 6.35 acres land in TELANGANA which my uncles(my dad elder brothers one of them is expired and other uncle is living with us) are in both Pattadar and  occupant columns in pahani and 1B from 1960 to till date(2016). Due to some family problems my uncle left the land in 1990 and left for another village(now he is staying with us).It is actually a single survey number which was divided into multiple by-numbers. Total extent of the survey number is 18 acres from which 6.35 acres is ours. From 1990 it is not under our possession and someone else who has land beside us(multiple people) are utilizing it in enjoyment. And we are not clear on exact position of 6.35 acres in that 18 acres. We actually approached for MRO and RDO offices and filed a petition for Survey. But surveyor is saying that he will show only entire 18 acres boundaries which we already know but not the position for 6.35 acres. So i would like to know on how to proceed legally to acquire position on the land. Actually we are planning to file easement lawsuit and send notices to Revenue offices for enjoyment survey so that we will know who all are actually utilizing the land in enjoyment and then take injection order. Is this the correct way or please advice me on how to proceed in my case.
Title: Re: For acquiring Position on Land
Post by: adv.amarnath on November 07, 2016, 10:27:56 AM
Serve Notice under Section 80 of CPC and file a suit for declaration and permanent injunction after lapsed of prescribed period against the concern department