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How Can You Get Your Birth Certificate Reissued in India?

Is the date of birth in your certificate incorrect I bet that you would have made several rounds of the Municipal Corporation. Only a few ones manage to withdraw it in one and two attempts. But the rest stays trapped. You can get out of it with handful valid information about how to obtain the birth certificate. They will guide you all through its withdrawal process.

How can you obtain your birth certificate online?
The process of getting your birth certificate will trail the documents. These are the papers that you need to carry along its application form.

1. Which documents should you take along for obtaining the birth proof?
Here is the list of the proofs that proves your claim valid:
# 10th Class Mark Sheet/School Leaving Certificate
# ID Proof, that can be PAN card, Ration Card, Driving Licence, Aadhar Card and Voter ID
# Address Proof, like Electricity Bill, Water Bill, Bank Passbook
# Photo to be pasted in your application form
# Affidavit of your mother/father/ uncle/ aunt/ elder brother or sister-It's a sworn document stating the appropriate birth place, date, year and time.

By taking along these documents, you should visit the Municipal Corporation located nearby. Drill in mind that these documents must be attested by a Gazette officer. It should be located where you're born. The competent authority Registrar or Sub Registrar will issue an application form. You ought to fill your authentic details.

2. What should you fill in the application form?
Let's go through which kind of details to input there:

· Applicant's complete name
· Parent's complete name (including first & last name)-if you likely to input your mother's details, you can put her maiden name there that she had before marriage.
· Your exact date of birth
· Your parents address
· Your exact place of the birth

3. Provision of Fee:
Withdrawing this birth proof within 21 days of the birth enables you to get it absolutely free. Subsequently, it would be a payable service. The state government sets up the fee structure of this document. It may vary from state to state.

Let’s say the Delhi Municipal charges INR 20 per new copy of the birth certificate. And, it also charges INR 7 for searching the old records. Likewise, every state government sets its own price for providing this service.

Is it possible to reissue the birth proof in India?
Yes, it is possible. The process would be similar to withdrawing the original birth certificate in India. Today, every state government runs its own website to issue this certificate online, like

It’s always the best alternative to get off the serpentine queue of the birth proof seekers at the MC office. Fill the birth certificate application form online. You need to follow the instructions after signing in. Pay online for the service and then, save the receipt in your PC. Later, come along it in the MC office. Don't forget to bring all supporting documents mentioned in the first section of this article.

Non-Availability of Birth Certificate:
It’s a licit proof of your unregistered birth. In other words, this document states that the applicant's birth was not registered previously. It is issued after searching the old books of all birth records. After it, the Registrar will reissue your birth certificate in India. Its procedure would be similar to driving the first one out.

How can you get your birth certificate if your birth is unregistered?
Register yourself with the state's MC website.
# Create your login with a strong password.
# Login.
# Select the Non-Availability of the Birth Certificate from the service menu.
# Fill the form.
# Take its print out.
# Visit the MC office along this form.
# Verify it by showing all supporting documents along with the affidavit.
# The Registrar would cross examine your application form.
# He will run a verification process.
# Once he would be fully satisfied, he would issue the non-availability of the birth certificate.
# Later, you can visit the court.
# Show up all supporting documents.
# It will re-issue your birth certificate that can be used for passport & visa.
# Pay the fee.

If you find to deal with all these situations a Herculean task, appoint a lawyer. Alternatively, you can deploy a third party to serve you this service.

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