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Surat lawyersJ B Legal Services Pvt. Ltd.

Expiry Date: 9th Aug 2012

Off Address: Rajkot, Gujarat
Surat lawyers Ph noUser Tel No: +91-9824831378
Court Of practice: Supreme Court, High Court, All District courts
J B Legal Services Pvt. Ltd.
Surat lawyers Email Email:
Firm Desc:
I am Advocate and i am practicing Rajkot (Gujarat)

Area Of Practice: Adoption, Appellate Practice, Arbitration, Mediation, Banking, Bankruptcy-Creditors, Bankruptcy-Debtors, Business Litigation, Child Custody, Child Support, Collection, Civil Litigation, Civil Rights, Collection/Creditors, Computer, Consumer Law, Contract, Copyright, Corporation / Partnership, Creditors Rights, Criminal, Divorce/Domestic Relations, Education, Employment, Entertainment, Environmental, Family Law, Finance, Firearms Law, Food Drug, Franchise Law, General Practice, Immigration, Indian Law, Insurance, Intellectual Property, International, Labor-Employers, Labor-Workers, Land Use, Landlord/Tenant, Lemon Law, Libel/Slander, Malpractice-Plaintiff, Military Law, Not For Profit, Patent, Trademark, Pension, Profit Sharing Personal Injury-Plaintiffs, Personal Injury-Defense, Privacy Law, Probate, Products, Liability, Real Estate, Securities, Arbitration, Securities, Sexual Harassment, Social Security, Sports Law, Tax, Traffic, Wills, Trusts, Estates, Workers Compensation

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Surat lawyers Legitime Global

Expiry Date 20th Nov 2010

Off Address: 56, River Palace, Opp. Old Civil Court, Nanpura
Surat Gujarat
Zip code : 395001
Court Of practice: Supreme Court, High Court, District Court
Firm Desc: Legitime Global, a Legal service based firm in Surat, Gujarat (India), is backed by expert consultants, belonging to Laiwala family, wedded to this noble profession of law. Late J. C. Laiwala (in active practice from 1921 to 1969) started his law office in the year 1921 and the same has been continuing uninterruptedly over the years by Late L. G. Laiwala (in active practice from 1947 to 2000) and the present partners. This office is perhaps the oldest law firm in this part of the State where the Lawyers of four generations have been providing satisfactory services to their clients from generations to generations. The real strength of our firm is our professional team with updated and practical knowledge and expertise in varied areas of law, adapted with state of art technology and infrastructure.

Area Of Practice: administrative law, adoption, appellate practice, arbitration mediation, banking, bankruptcy creditors, bankruptcy debtors, business litigation, criminal, child custody, civil litigation, civil rights,  collection creditors, construction, consumer law, contract, corporation, partnership, criminal, employment, environmental, family law, finance, food drug, general practice, government, health care law, Indian law, insurance, intellectual property, land use, landlord tenant, labor employers, patent trademark, probate, privacy law, personal injury plaintiffs, pension profit sharing, personal injury defense, real-estate, sexual harassment, social security, wills trusts estates, workers compensation

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Surat lawyers J V Kanani And Associates

Off Address:  Surat Gujarat
Zip code : 395006
Firm Desc: Hello We Are The Chartered Accountant Firm our area of practice is Contract, education, Employment, Finance, Government, Indian Law, Real Estate, Tax, Traffic

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