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What are the Documents required for Filling Tax Return?

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Documents to be enclosed with return

1) Acknowledgement Slip in duplicate.

2) Statement of Computation of Income and Tax.

3) Challan Identification number (CIN) should be furnished. Photocopy of tax payers count should be attached.

4) T.D.S. Certificates in Form 16 or 16A as applicable.

5) Certificate/Receipts of payment of insurance premium, provident purchase of NSCs, new equity shares, mutual fund, NSS, medical ance, donations, etc. in support of deductions claimed.

Requisite evidence wherever prescribed by law in support of your, for any deduction/exemption, must be attached along with the n Failure to do so will deprive you of the deduction and such evidence even if produced later shall not be entertained by the Assessing Officer.

6) Copy of audit report, balance sheet, trading, profit and loss account, personal account of proprietor or partners and documents as specified in the notes

7) Statement of receipts and payments, where no regular books of account are maintained

8) Tax-audit report obtained under section 44AB wherever required Where the audit report has been furnished prior to the filing of ret copy of the report together with proof of furnishing the report, should be attached with the return.

9) Accountants report under section 80-IA, 80-IAB, 80-IB or 80-IC.

10) Certificate of interest on housing loan from the lender, in support of deduction from house property income.

11) Other documents/statements as specified in the return itself and in sup­ port of income.
Note: Persons, who do not have any income from business or profession, need not fumish their balance sheets or statement of assets, showing the plot, house, agricultural land, jewellery, gold and silver, shares, securities, units, cash, etc., held by them. However, it 'is advisable to declare major investments made or maturity proceeds/capital receipts received during the year. Purchase of house­ hold goods like TV, VCR, etc. may not be mentioned.

12) In case the assessee has applied for PAN but has yet not received allotment, a copy of PAN application filed earlier and its acknowledgement should be enclosed with the return.

13) In case the assessee has not applied for PAN, a PAN application form duly filled in and 2 passport size photographs should be enclosed with the return.

14) A copy of the Acknowledgement or Assessment Order for the preceding assessment year should also be enclosed.

Things to Consider while filing Income Tax

First of all:
Never wait for the last date to file your income tax return. So that you avoid late payment, interest and penalty you should know these things before filing income tax returns

Collect the documents required for filing Income tax return
Every taxpayer should collate all income tax related documents for filing returns. So, here is a gist of the documents required:
# Abstract of bank statements
# Proof of investments and Form 16 (Salary certificate issued by the employer)
# Form 16A / TDS certificate
# Challan of tax payment made like advance tax or self assessment tax
# Proof of investments in propertyD
# Documents on purchase and sale of investments/assets
# Collect the TDS certificate and
# Collect home loan certificate

Finally Select the IT return form
As per the source of income select the right type of income tax return form as it is the most important part in filing yoiur returns. Income tax department has prescribed different ITR forms to file the returns like ITR-1 (Sahaj), ITR-2, ITR-3, ITR-4, ITR-4S (Sugam). Assessees should choose the right form as required by them to file returns correctly.
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