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To copyright your creative work, first of all it needs to be original creative work
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    Essentials for applying for copyright:

    1. Work has to be original
    2. If the work is adapted than Specific agreement with the original author is a must.
    3. If the original author is dead than agreement from legal heirs.

    The creator of the original work can register this creative work in the name of a Company.
    The procedure for this is simple the creator will have to relinquish his right over his creative work in favour of the company, this is done by contract.

    In case of a cinematography Film, copyright Registration is most complex. Due to the recent changes in laws and supreme court Judgments. a film is considered a bundle of original creative work merged into one.

    for example: there is the script writer whose story is transformed into visual and sound medium.
    The editor who give this visual and sound medium his efforts to create a cutting edge film.
    the music director provides his sound affects and songs.
    The camera man brings alive the story in visual forms.
    The actors perform to bring alive an incredible story imagined by the script writer.
    The director combines all these creative work with his leadership and creative skills and create a magic what we call a movie or motion picture.
    And finally the producer who puts in his economic resources to actually help an imagination converted to reality.

    Now each one has put in his/her creative in puts in creating the magic hence each one of them have a rightful claim over his part of his/her creative contribution.

    Hence to copyright such a creative work which has its origin from various people's contribution requires, that all should surrender their rights/claim over their respective creative work in the name of an individual or company. only and only than can a motion picture be copyrighted.

    How is it done than?
    Well to copyright such a Robust and diversified creative work all shall have to provide a relinquishment deed in favour of one such person namely the Producer.

    this is best done when the producer signs a contract with the actor, editor, cameraman etc to avail their creative services on creation of the film. a clause in the contract paper shall contain that the creative rights of his services will be in the name of the producer or such company as maybe deemed fit.

    This way the copyright of a motion picture film is secured, if this is not done before availing their services there may be good chance that the Producer may not get the rights from such individual creative contributors, hence the motion picture may not obtain a copyright registration certificate.

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    Application for Registration of Copyright Form has changed from Form IV (see rule 16) to Form XIV (see rule 70)
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    # Copyright Law in India: Copyright is a form of intellectual property protection granted under Indian law to the creators of original works of authorship such as literary works (including computer programs, tables and compilations including computer databases which may be expressed in words, codes, schemes or in any other form, including a machine readable medium), dramatic, musical and artistic works, cinematographic films and sound recordings.

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