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Comparing Two Countries In The Violation Of Human Right The Country Names Is Brazil And India

Brazil is also a constitutional country which has multi party and republic Government which is democratically elected government. Brazil have three national police forces such as:
  • The federal police
  • The federal Highway police
  • The federal railway police
And there are also two units within the state of Police force first one is civilian police (investigative role) and second one military (maintaining law and order)

Role of police

Police is meant to serve the society and to work in the interest of the people and to maintain the law and order but what can be worst when the protector become the eater?

It happens in Brazil that police forces not do their work and they become arbitrary and they violated law and do their work according to their self

Important human right issue included creditable report of following:
  • The police killed people unlawful
  • The behaviour of the police is also not good and they also threaten the people that they will put them into the jail
  • They make false arrest and arbitrary detention
  • Police become violent with journalist also
  • Lack of accountability and investigation of violence against women
  • They are involve in prisoner trafficking and many more things
  • Police become violent with journalist also.
  • Lack of accountability and investigation of violence against women
  • They are involve in prisoner trafficking and many more things

According to some civil society organizations, victims of police violence throughout the country were overwhelmingly young Afro-Brazilian men. The Brazilian Public Security Forum reported that almost 79 percent of the persons killed by police in 2020.

In India

India's very different country there live different peoples who follow different culture religion and the spoke different languages in India there are mainly 29 states and the all States have their police and in union level they have military As compared to Brazil, India have less cases of killing person unlawfully but still in Indian police not do their work properly and sometime they become aggressive with the victim and also with accused which is not prove as guilty

According to
Human Rights report they released today that police in India often bypass arrest procedures and kill suspects in custody. At least 591 people died in police custody in India between 2010 and 2015, according to official figures. Instead of holding the police accountable, the officers withheld the reforms needed to build a more authority respecting force.

India's Failure to End Police Custodial Murder, "called for police defying arrest rules, custodial death by torture and impunity for those responsible. Examines. It is based on an in - depth investigation into 17 custodial deaths that occurred between 2009 and 2015 including more than 70 interviews with victims ' family members, witnesses, justice experts and police officers.

In each of the 17 cases, the police did not follow proper arrest procedures, leaving the suspect vulnerable to abuse. But India have strong rules regarding victim and accused also accuse has many rights during, even in India if something done wrong with that any person they can go supreme court directly provisions of the constitution

At last I conclude my topic with that let me no country police but in India there is risk from provisions which gives right to the cruise with the things or to anyone with suffer from an injury they can see you that person no matters that person in the authority, everyone is equal in the eye of law.

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