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Non-Disclosure Agreement

It is the agreement which binds the two parties in terms of confidential relationship.

The parties sign the agreement and make sure that no information is leaked or is not provided to any third party.

These agreements allows the firms to disclose or reveal their sensitive information without any fear that it should not reach their competitors

Two parties do the businesses together so in this case NDA protects from releasing the information to any other person and also protects the rights of the individual. It also protects the competitors from getting their plans or tradesecret.

Types Of NDA

  1. Mutual agreements:
    The information is not disclosed in such agreements as both the parties have the sensitive information with them. One discloses the operations or the working so the other side can know the capability.
  2. Non mutual agreements:
    This is generally applied to the new employees who have the access to the sensitive information of the company as they are the one signing which is saved from releasing the confidential information.

Requirements Of NDA

  1. Participants of the agreement:
    It is very important to know that what parties are involved. This can include the specific person or the employees of any particular company.
  2. Confidential information:
    To know the meaning of confidential information is very important so NDA must state that the information should be held confidential in every term.
  3. Exclusions
    Few aspects comes in way that are need to be shared with the company which are the few items only.

    But the party cannot share it with any competitor as everything is done in good faith.

Example: DOCTOR

Pros Of Non-Disclosure Agreements

  1. It boost the confidence of the person to share the confidential information.
  2. Clarity of the information which is confidential.
  3. It limits the reasons for which the other party can use your information

Difference Between Confidential Agreements And Non- Disclosure Agreements

  • Confidential agreement binds both the parties to keep the information secret which is confidential on the other side the NDA holds the secret information confidential between the parties who are signing the agreement.
  • Confidential agreements are usually there in joint business or venture in which two of the parties have to share their information and NDA is a unilateral flow of information which is single sided which is also used in the terms of products ,employees and clients.
  • There is a minor difference between the two as NDA is unilateral and confidential information is mutual.

It is a method or the way of protecting the information which is confidential for a business or a firm.

This type of agreement will help keep tradesecret and the unique ideas confidential and in case someone discloses the information or violates something than they have to pay for the damages for whatever breach is done by them.

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