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A Look Into: The Rights Of Animal

This paper is going to talk about the rights of the animal and what actually is the reason we are considering the rights of the animal and also determines that are they getting their rights or no other than this it will also going to see upon that how are the conditions of them as all we know that they are voiceless animal and people generally not taking interest in the matter of Animals.

As the animals are being tortured and abused every day in the society the paper will also find out different ways which may be adopted for the betterment and keep the animals safety in hand with their protector some legal provisions has also been taken in this paper and the part Peta ideas is also been considered. The article will also be telling about if there must be any change in the law related to animals.

The Society is well growing with technologies and smart cities are inventing there are many facilities for humans but when the word comes for animals, we don't see anything happening for their well-being, if you go out in the streets of India you will get to see a lot of stray animals on the roads struggling for food and shelter. Like we humans they (animals) also need good life and health as we know hunger can make us do anything, but we have the opportunity to ask but for the voiceless that will also not be possible.

As the concept of shelter is very important for stray animals it's not only making the animals life difficult but also risking the life of people. Example: A stray dog just crossing the road bang into a bike it's not just the dog died but the man was also hurt a lot.

The theme just not end here the society is only becoming the enemy if animals there are many videos which we get to see in social media where the cruelty of human can be seen. There was much news come up which talks about abuse of animals by the people beating hurting them. If we see, then all the species are interconnected to each other as animals are also essential for the maintenance the ecological balance on the Earth.

There is actually system that is specially created for the protection of the animals like the Prevention of Cruelty Act, 1960 and the Wildlife Protection Act, 1972. In the light of the society the constitution of India has a find for the animal's life which mainly laid down for the protection and treatment of animals with the dignity as a fundamental duty of the people.

The nature of the society is considering the animals from way back like in the concept the animals are almighty of the God which is a believe in humans like there are still many places where we can see that animals are being worshiped as they are the messenger of the God for people there. In the Indian constitution of India, we are having, animal welfare laws and basic provision that are relating for the protection and safeguarding of the interest of animal's rights.

The supreme law (Constitution of India) under the fundamental duties and its directive principle and under the Article 21 of the constitution there is the expansion of the word life which also includes the life of animal's.

Do animal rights exist?
It is very important question in the society about the rights of the animal and complex too. In the world it there are no laws which can directly say about the protecting of rights of animals which also indicates that there are no legally recognized rights.

While we are understanding the change in the society in the decades in the evidence of the server indicates that there is life of different species, this shows on the inherit value and the rights which come to us naturally, the mindset of the humans can simply be enacted and humans just value respect the existing rights by the morals.

The legal rights can be discussed as on the criteria that other than human's animals will not be having the same rights as humans there is fore rights like basic rights of freedom of bodily injury.

Laws made to protect animal rights
In general, there is no legal rights which could be recognized the United States and the welfare was recognize instead of the rights laws regards the animal as the property and deal with the harm of the animal, which is done without any reason, the laws of the U.S. Federal in the view of the animal protection are also including the basic of the Animal Welfare Act.

This act is far from being with the anti-cruelty law, it also applied for the animals which are being taken for the test in the laboratories, but do not protect them from the harm other than that it excludes the mice, birds, and animals which are used for the agriculture process in the laboratories and there is the largest number of animals which are exploited in the labs for the production in the industry, they lost there life in the many heavy production process which are operated on them for more and more production.

There are more Federal laws which basically include the animals with the Endangered species Act the main term work is to check and maintain the list of the species that are endangered and are exploiting and there are action taken over them who destroying them and penalties were imposed for the inappropriate use, the Preventing Animal Cruelty and Torture Act which is also not include the agriculture animals and many more like fishing, trapping, pest control and other abuse.

Why the Animal Rights Important
The rights of the animal are in the importance as the animal represent a set of beliefs that also prevents the inaccurate long held assumptions that they are not more than the mindless machine. Not only this the animals in the zoo are verified display with the behaviour which is underlying the mental distress and are to be go with the show down of the wild population of the humans, with on the question of just that by seeing fact of the animal like they just suffer but the sheer scale of the exploitation of the animals are different reason which are acute to the animals rights and needed to be implied urgently.

The survey is also dividing the main cause of the rights is that in the half of the world there are more than half percent of the population consume the animals as their food and the statics also tells that there have been roughly 200 million animals who are basically died just for daily consumption of the humans. Other than that, the exploitation on the animals in the industries which is rising, and they have to face the torture lifetime and are being abuse.

Movement for the Animal rights
There was a movement that was started for the animals' rights which was started in the certain seminal figure and not with any individual, where the basically if we survey then the women code of conduct was large in the matter of animals, the stating of the animal rights movement is unfortunately, given basically to a man, Richard Ryder who was a very resound figure in the time of Modern.

This movement of the welfare and rights have decided the societal change in the favour of the animal welfare. The agenda is very clear to introduce the facts of the rights of the animals to the world.

This is the world where the people are having very busy life but on the other point the basic of morality and humanity should be shown to some extent so that the voiceless can also been seen expressing there way of love and the difficulties they admire to the growing society.

We are still in search to see the world which should be free from the exploitation of animals, it was thanks to every campaign that in the presence of educating and providing the awareness for the harmful condition which the animal have to experience in the places like factory farms and industries and hope for that the nature should be as we see it and partner the ways to prevent them from all harmful vitals. The basic is when the people get to know the suffering of the animals their hand will automatically come to cover the body and have a change.

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