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What Are SC/ST Inter Caste Marriage Benefits?

India is a country with many different cultures. Even with so many individuals from various cultures residing together, each culture has its own range of limits. Inter-caste marriages are still one of India's most serious concerns. In Indian families, marrying someone from a different caste causes uproar.

It is simply not acceptable. Witnessing such trivialities when India has made such strides in technology and other sectors is disheartening. Even now, it is not uncommon for people to learn about honour killings in India. Though this is most visible in rural regions, individuals living in cities are not far behind. Although city inhabitants do not engage in honour killings, some parts of the community still do not allow SC/ST inter-caste marriages.

Those who oppose SC/ST inter-caste weddings frequently say that two different religions and civilizations cannot coexist in the same home. We, on the other hand, strongly disagree. Co-existence is never an issue when two people in love are compatible.

Eligibility for SC/ST Inter Caste Marriages

Several requirements must be met by the couple in order for them to benefit from the 'Inter-caste Marriage Program 2018'.

These are as follows:
  • That must be the couple's first marriage.
  • The Married Pair Should Include Any Dalit Community Members.
  • The Hindu Marriage Act requires that the marriage be registered.
  • The Documents Needed Under the Scheme to Be Presented To The Relevant Authorities.
  • A married couple's annual income must not exceed 5 lakhs when both are together.

Documents Required for SC/ST Inter Caste Marriages
The documents are as follows:
  • The Ration Card
  • The Original Salary Certificates of the Couples Must Be Provided
Inter-Caste Marriage Enrolment Endorsement (Marriage Authentication), Which Is A Certificate Granted By The Sub-Office, Registrar's Panchayat President, Or A Declaration Given By NSS or SND, Might Also Be Filed.

Both spouses' castes are endorsed.

Declaration A Married Couple That Has Only Been Married For a Year. (It Has To Be Received By A Gazetted Official, MLA, or MP In The Concerned Territory).

Identification proof, such as a voter ID card or a copy of an Aadhar card

Interested in the Inter-Caste Marriage Scheme

Benefits of SC/ST Inter Caste Marriages

There are no restrictions on thoughts and viewpoints:
When two persons of different faiths marry, their beliefs and perceptions shift. Acceptance grows, and you grow more tolerant of people from diverse cultures. Your mind expands daily, and you see the world in a new light.

You have the opportunity to discover new things- It goes without saying that marrying someone from a different caste involves learning new things. You will learn about a specific culture, their way of life, and their cuisine. You will also have the opportunity to celebrate many festivals, which means extra fun and festivities at home. Because of this, life becomes a joyful journey.

You will have brighter children:
According to a survey; children born to different caste parents are probably more intelligent and understand significantly more about the outside world. As a result of the difference in DNA, the children will be smarter than children born to parents of the same caste.

Parenting could be done much more effectively:
Another significant advantage is that parenthood will be done much more effectively. Couples from various castes have broader and more modern perspectives on life because they come from different backgrounds. Their parenting reflects this. Parents will be able to teach their children to make their own decisions while respecting those decisions. Parents of various faiths will have a wonderful blend of traditional and modern thought.

You are going to be more adaptable:
Living in the same household with two different castes/cultures allows for more flexibility. You may not always want to adhere to their customs or rituals, but you must learn to adapt to their practices. For example, if a pooja is required, you will assist in whatever way necessary to make it a reality. You will gain an understanding of other people's interpretations of religion, culture, or ritual, whether or not you believe in it

SC/ST Inter-caste marriages have only positive outcomes. Those who claim that inter-caste weddings produce a lot of disputes among couples fail to recognize that the fights occur due to a lack of compatibility. Fights between couples are unrelated to caste, religion, or culture. In reality, India needs such marriages in order for people to learn to coexist harmoniously.

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