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Facts of Google Ads Policy Making

Google needs no introduction today. Its presence is in the handset that rests in your hand or pocket. It breathes in your desktop. Just a click is enough to signal your computer system to let the internet connect.

Now, put on your thinking cap to estimate how such mind-blowing ideas take rise. But before that, ask to yourself-Do you firmly believe that every action has a reaction? Its answer would draw out how an idea coins out. The curiosity to know HOW pushes us to go identify the nuts and bolts of whatever going on in our mind. Subsequently, inventions & discoveries occur. 

Meanwhile, there may generate the necessity. And truly, the necessity proves the mother of invention. This is the philosophy beneath every evolution. 

Evolution of Internet:
Do you believe that the invention is an overnight miracle?

Of course, it’s not. Likewise, many scientists contributed bit by bit. Be it Tesla in the early 1900s, visionary Paul Otlet & Vannevar Bush in 1930s or 1940s or ARPANET (Advanced Research Projects Agency Network) in 1960s and Tim Berners Lee in 1990, every innovator contributed to the evolution of the internet..

Initially, Tesla toyed an extremely revolution idea of a world wireless system. And then, his successor scientists and technicians worked on & on. In the meanwhile, it was the reaction about the performance of every innovation that became a norm/a policy or a law. This practice has consistently fostered.        

Communication pushed to policy making:
Trailing the idea of a wireless world, people expected to communicate relentlessly. However, Alexander Graham Bell fulfilled this wish by gifting a telephone (in 1870) to the world. But, the modern people desired a platform wherein they can browse; they can share; they can communicate information. Larry Page and Sergey Brin embed these ideas in the Google-The pool of data. And now, the Google Chrome is here to serve us what we search.

A blog on Google’s official blog page told the unseen ideology of its Chrome. Its team did not intend to come in between the best UX. Also, the frictionless landing to the searched URLs was on the top of its every member’s mind. Therefore, it came with an omnibar that is its search bar. Millions of users, every day, get down directly to the websites.

Later on, the interstitials (full fledge popups) seemed a pothole that was profusely distracting the mobile users. A survey subtly stated that around 58% users pin in the Google through their handsets. And if more than half Google users would meet this worst experience, the ranking of good websites would definitely scroll down. Therefore, it banned the popups in the form of Intrusive Interstitials on mobile phones. The users’ feedback proved a building block of the ad policy called AdMob Interstitial Implementation & Disallowed Interstitial Implementations. 

Users’ frustration results in new ads policy for Google:
It’s not compulsory that Google Adwords ads always end at a happy experience. Sometime, it runs ads that get down the users. They are often called the annoying ads. This search engine takes you over the moon via catering informative data. Whenever it finds that you’re not happy, it searches ins and outs of that problem. Subsequently, it computes plus and minus of that ad policy. Lastly, the customers or users come first. After all, they are the real maker of this search engine.

It’s true that ads disruptively make their way to the search engine. But when they seem annoying ones, they should be shut up. Take an instance. The tech support ads used to bombard this engine. So are the contextual queries to its campaigners. It suspended all such accounts (except a few ones) on the spur of the moment. It was an outcome of the Federal Trade Commission’s visit to India. It put the shutter of 9 technology companies down. They encountered several glitches and legal battles. Thereby, the tech support law or policy abandoned such ads in the Gold Coast, Brisbane, USA and many more countries since 2013. 

For Better Ads Experience:
Let’s say, you’re scrolling down to pick up a new dress online. All of sudden, an audio ad unwillingly breaks in. The music starts playing or a popup overlapped the things on the screen. It would surely be figured out as an annoying ad experience. Approximately, 69% users reported about these annoying ads. Consequently, the adblock feature made its entry. Also, the publishers couldn’t mint the money.
This engine serves for a better user experience. The Coalition for Better Ads surveyed. Its result reported that not all ads let down. Only a few ones are the real culprit. Thereby, it inserted Ad Experience Report in its web tools. The rift is removed. Now, the annoying ones are replaced by the ads that overjoy the users. 

Ad Experience Report:
It’s a window to know the negative ads that disappoint the users. It lists down such user’s experiences as failing or warning separately. It is not necessary that the mobile bad user experience is identically impacting the desktops users. It may show a flip result. These ad issues, like sticky ads and extra-ordinary long popups, are concerned with their display policy.

There may have some creative issues in the same window. You can click the types to identify which kind of ad is pushing you in the hot water. You need to fix that issue accordingly. Later on, you can send your website for re-review of the Google.

This is the methodology of the Google policy to come in shape.

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