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Reality Check of Communalism And Secularism

The concept of secularism in India is sui generis, though our religious belief is very much strong but unfortunately our religious sentiments is so weak because it hurts and breaks so much early in comparison of rest of the world.

During my school days I have never been introduced to these two concepts that are secularism and communalism. What I personally feel both concepts are creator of the each other, one is thesis and other is anti-thesis one exists if other exists. India was more secular before 42nd amendment 1976 in which the term secularism was added into the preamble. We born neither secular nor communal but as neutral. In recent years communalism is been the burning issue for debate.

Actually what is the centre of these communalism and secularism; is it favoring of owns religion or feeling of antagonism for other religion? In reality power-politics and divide and rule are the centre of these ideologies in our country. For getting power, for getting support and vote person of one religion support the person of same religion.

Whether extremism and radicalism are on its peak or it has been artificially made?

I dont know. Recently intolerance is very famous word in Indian media, India from its very inception being a multicultural country, before the conquest of MOHD GAURI, mosque has been established in Kerala which was ruled by a Hindu king. India have tolerated the British advancement after independence India has tolerated the black phase of partition, emergency, Sikh massacre, exodus of kashmiri pundits, demolition of babri masjid , Gujarat riots and many more but now in these five years India became intolerant at the grass root level nothing has changed.

A person of middle-class think about his family and the thought that how he will earn money comes before his mind before the thought of worshipping god. If any party for getting into power becoming as communal , for that the other parties representing itself as secular, both have nothing with any religion but only want to attain the power. At present social media especially Facebook and whatsapp are having role of catalyst for development of this communal feelings.

From where the feeling or seeds of communalism is arises. I think discrimination is mother of these communal feelings. In realty when any authority discriminates on the basis of religion, not for the sake of religion but for the sake of power politics. Any kind of discrimination social, economic and political it raises the feeling of communalism. So if there is non-discrimination and neutrality then the problem of communalism can be solved but it is next to impossible. Those who have authority directly or indirectly favor the people of their religion for making polarization and it gives conducive atmosphere for communalism.

We have some lien over our religion we cannot be pure and absolute secular, because we are not atheists. But if we give the primacy to our humanity, our country and our religion and try to become just a human with humanity then definitely the words like communalism, secularism and intolerance will exist only in dictionary not in debates.

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