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Failure Of Dedicated E-Commerce Law Is Going To Be Bane Of Its Most Important Stakeholders

Ease of Online Shopping has made E-commerce Industry a good Alternative to traditional shops Availability of wide Catalogue of Products at one place, Doorstep Delivery, Refunds and Returns, Etc. But are all these assurances perfect or near perfect? No, in practice although E-commerce might have solved the issues of fulfillment and Supply Chain, yet there are lot of times where such Electronic Marketplace fall short to Traditional Businesses due to lack of personal accountability that can be easily raised by customer in physical Purchases.

I like on everyday evening was scrolling through a product on E-commerce marketplace for a Hair oil which was non-returnable product, it was Fairly a new product for me, But Reviews were good or Mostly Good, it had more than 4 points in rating and I think many would believe It was an appropriate Benchmark for Utility and Genuineness of the Product, so I went on to buy the same Product arrived early along with too much unnecessary packaging.

In the Package was a small Coupon Suggesting me to review product with 5 Stars on their Website and win Cashback by sending A screenshot on WhatsApp to certain Number and I would receive Cashback within 2-3 days, The Product I had Bought was on basis of reviews and now I know that these reviews were fake or in a way bought, I contacted customer care and told them regarding what had happened.

They insisted that I contact the seller as it was problem between them and me. They had no policies to prevent sellers from engaging in such conduct to sell a product. Neither were they ready to provide return as it was covered under No returns Policy nor interested into looking into matter as it was not there problem and I quote exactly what they said "Since Fl***** is a Marketplace we Do not Buy, Sell products or determine the policies but only have sellers list their products on our portal" and after two-three rounds of bickering and changing the Support Agent the Most Conclusive answer they were able to give me was "We'll Share this Feedback with seller so that they can put in additional measures to make your Shopping experience a delightful one." In this scenario Final remedy that was left with me was Law, But to my surprise there was no dedicated law towards E-commerce hence everything related to such things were in grey area. Therefore there was no other Mechanism to prevent this from happening to shoppers.

E-commerce platforms are relied by people to deliver quality products in a diligent manner and protect interests of buyers, on this reliance which is widely advertised by theses E-commerce companies, People buy products, even those products which are new to them, hence these Platforms cannot just say that they are just an Intermediary, they are the face of this Entire transaction of Purchase and the responsibility to ensure that Correct Product as per knowledge provided to the customer is delivered to him as shown in website.

Because that is the Entire premise on which customer buys product from an Electronic Marketplace rather than a physical shop we trust in our neighborhood or city. India is Eighth Largest E-commerce Market in world with its share expected to reach US$ 350 Billion by 2030.Our Government Has Covered most aspects of this Industry Investments wise or Taxation wise but has failed to Create a Law dedicated to protection of consumer rights through e-commerce, This Industry is a critical Contributor our Nation's Income and Disregarding its most Critical Stakeholder would leave them as vulnerable play where Virtual markets expand their Business eating Physical Market's Share and become the Elephant that can't be tamed later on.

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