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Village Society In The Valley Of Kashmir

Introduction Of Village Society
  • List of all, I want to mention that according to my point of view village is a backbone and nucleus of a country. I have experienced both village life as well as city life but the harmony, cooperation, and kindness that I found in the village is missing to some extent in city life.
  • I think the reason behind this is fast life, competition among the people of the city, they always compete with each other, it is undoubtedly a positive point also.
  • But on one hand, the people of the city are always in search of an extremely high level of modern lifestyle, but on the other hand, these things (happiness, harmony, etc.) are missing in city life. It's my personal view about this, so I mention it here...
  Now There Are Some Observations And Experiences That I Have Done During My Work..
  • Agriculture; India is a country of villages, where about 75% of the total population resides, economy of the village is based on agriculture and its allied activities.
  • Agriculture is a dominant mode of occupation. Agriculture is not only a mode of production but also a way of life. Agriculture economy is the main basis of village economy.

  1. BUT as per my analysis the concept of agr economy of my village is different because I saw that people earn their livelihood not by agr sector they abolish their agr system on much level .they went to outside UT (j&k) and earn their livelihood in better way.
  2. When I asked people people that why they do so then I got to know that through agr sector we cannot compete with other well developed people and also said that it is the less source of income.
  3. 80% people convert their crop land into orchard (fruit garden) because they believe that they are able to brought food grains from market.
  4. So in this sense I see that people are not much depend on agriculture sector

Joint Family System; as per sociological point of view we study that joint family system is most important feature of village society in India.
  1. But as I notice in my village this joint family system is very less because of modernization people believe that they can survive a better life in nuclear family.
  2. I saw that family conflicts are also the main reason of this nuclear family system, a newly bride cannot feel comfortable with her in laws .so the join family system also gets less and less.
Women Education:
we also studied about girls education in villages that is not much taken in consideration but with modernization and with the development of human minda ,girls education also became the most important tool of village development in today's world
  1. I. but when I saw the situation of my village that is something different. According to my point of view or my work, I saw only 30% girls are achieving the higher education and left 70% girls not get education above middle standard.
  2. II. when I searched the cause behind it, then I found that there Is not much economic cause, I think it is only because of less interest of girls towards their education and goals.
  3. III. They have only one thing in their minds and that is ''we are supposed to marry in early age and then become dependent on their husbands.
  4. IV. Also on the other hand, the education level of boys is only 40-50% because I saw the boys in their early age (max. 20) they move to outside UT as I mentioned before and search some work in other states, especially (shimla, Punjab etc) and they have only a concept that they are born to become a labor and live their life in that way.

Less Development (Least Infrastructure):
People of my village ,they work very hard and live their lives but on the other hand there is no any development taken by government

As here is not just any primary school ,no hospital ,no other facilities ,people always suffer and government never take any initiative and never look upon the problems of people.
  • Caste system:-it is a most common thing of every society .caste varies from generation to generation .And also in my society I saw that there is so much discrimination on the basis of caste .There is also the concept that people are not supposed to marry with lower castes Sheikh, Najar, Hajam etc are considered as lower castes in my village . Being a sociological student it is the worst thing that every society adopts.
  •  I also get the information about the population of my village that is 600

These Are Some beautiful things of my Village that I have observed during my work:
in the evening my village becomes the hub of beauty of nature, at this time the moon and starts becomes the blankets of beauty , and the sweet and cold wind becomes an eyewitness of the beauty of nature. Nature is really very beautiful if something is needed then it is the way of vision which we forgotten and disturbing the natural thing.

Culture and tradition:
the village which carries lot of memories of our ancestors. Everything becomes memorable, which becomes unforgettable. The child used to play games and cricket in crop field after cultivation, which becomes tradition in every village.

Village Roads:
yes this road seem unmaintained, but more than national highway I would say. You need a village if only for the pleasure of leaving it. A village means that you are not alone, knowing that the people, the trees, the earth, there is something that belongs to you, waiting for you when you are not there.

The kacha house:
the house which is not less than any multy story concrete building for us, our ancessters always to say that "There is warmth in winter and automatic air conditioner in summers " and believe me this true.

Vegetable field:
Every house in every village used to set land for vegetable field.This is something like tradition culture whatever it is, but for us this one is most important.which is also called ( waaerd) in kashmiri. Lettuce(hakh) is the most common vegetable in kashmir,pickles(kashmiri hakh anchaar) is made from this. And green onion (pichiganda) is the 2 nd common vegetable.

Village are beautiful destination, you will never felt out in a village you can get lost in a small village without realizing it.In our village there is also a famous graden (kokernag park) the place is knows for its gardens,pristine fresh water speings and rainbows trount farms 25km from anantinag.I sugessted you people come an visit this beautiful place.

Written By: Tamana Farooq, 6th semester, Central University of Kashmir

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