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Atrocities Against Women

Earlier it was considered a sin to have a daughter . After revelation of Quran upon Prophet Muhammad PBUH ,it got its new birth in a dignified way through " Surah Nissa". If we see in real sense women is already blessed being polite and constructive. She is a source of reward of course. They care for their families and plays multiple roles in society as daughter of someone, as a sister, also the wife and the most dignified and valuable role as mother.

Nowadays a girl/ women is being victimized due to ignorance. She has to face hardships in each and every sphere of life be it her private or public sphere. Women is being tortured from her early childhood stage by number of ways like discrimination in matters of education,proffession,etc. If she is allowed to work outside ,she has to face molestation, harassment, voyeurism and many more things.

When she is married, she gets mentally as well physically abused by dowry demands and dowry deaths . So a women is not safe even in her house too . In order to tackle these atrocities against women, law came up as rescue.

Different provisions are envisaged in different statutes both at international as well as domestic setup. In India we have Indian constitution the grandnorm which guarantees gender equality under its preamble and provide mechanism for the women empowerment. Also Indian penal code consists of separate chapter "offences against women" which are meant to safeguard the women against different offences like rape ,sexual harassment, acid attacks etc.

Various legislations like "the protection of women from domestic violence Act,2005","dowry prohibition Act,1961","prevention of sexual harassment at work places Act,2013" etc. have been also incorporated to address such issues. At the international setup, Committee on the Elimination of Discrimination Against Women (CEDAW Committee) has drafted obligations upon states towards CEDAW Convention to protect women against all types of Discrimination.

It is astonishing to note that in some cases like " Nirbaya gang rape case "where victim was brutally harassed, tortured and raped. Due to the delay and snails pace of prosecution's follow up, the justice could not be prevailed at the right time. After being raped the victim sunk and lost their life and turned the whole nation in crippled form. Though late the legislation came up with the good amendment of some provisions relating to the protection of women for speedy trials.

But even people turned deaf ears to these laws and regulations. So, whosoever be involved in such offence, courts shall act very tough so that such worst incidents will not appear on the pages of criminal history. Being a universal problem, former UN secretary general Boutrous Ghali has said that violence against women is an obstacle to the achievement of equality , development and peace and ultimately nullifies women's enjoyment of their human rights and fundamental freedoms. So, let's wow to know her importance to keep her in dignified manner always.

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