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Environmental Law Background

Meaning and history of environmental law
The word environment is derived from French word enviror which means to surround or to encircle.
  • It is some total of water, air, land and interrelationship that exists among them with human beings other liven organism and materials microorganism and property.

Human environment consists of both physical and biological environment.
  1. Physical environment cover land, water and air and
  2. Biological environment include plant ,animal another organism.
Environment is an essential important element human beings life so environment low are very important to protect environment from men made activities ensure and provide some rules and regulation two people about what they do or what they cannot do laws are amended according to the people review or problem faced by country environmental law is not constant it's changing when need.

Environment comprise all entities living and not living natural or men made external to oneself and other interrelationship which provide value or perhaps in future to humankind.

Indian scenario regarding post independence era environmental law
When India got independence from British rule India form its own constitution by 1950 but leader of country gave more priority to economic development and elimination of poverty in country.

As result constitution did not deal much with environmental aspects only in 1972 during United national conference on human environment held at Stockholm then various measures taken to save environment and protect pollution then the Indian Parliament enacted two article 48A and 51A in constitution of India in 1976.

Article 48A State shall endeavour to protect and improve the environment and to safeguard the forest and wildlife of country.

Article 51A Talks about fundamental duty that should be followed by the citizen to protect an improve in natural environment including Forest, Lake, river, wildlife to have compassion for living creatures and to develop the scientific temper humanism another spirit of inquiry and reform and to safeguard the public property and to adjure the violence.

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