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Annual Leave With Wages Section 79 Factory Act 1948

  1. If an adult one day for every 20 day of work performed by him during previous calendar But condition must do work for 240 day then only Take leave entitlement one day holiday salary not been cut.
  2. Must giving an application before 15 days If work in public utility before 20 day If medical issue no limit given such kind of time to recover himself.
  3. Due to discharge ,dismissal ,resign ,death and qutting of employment His hier/ nominee shall be entitled to receive wages.
  4. Treatment of friction of leave is there shall be half day or more than half day shall be treated as full day leave but if less than half day shall Omitted.
  5. Treatment of unavailed leave worker has not taken any leave in previous calendar year his leave should be carried forward to next calender year but shall not be exceed to 30 in case of adult or not exceed 40 in case of child.
  6. Workers shall taken leave from work must given written application prior before 15 days to factory manager but if any worker engaged in public utility service so such work
  7. Worker informed prior 20days to the factory manager that regarding to take annual leave.
  8. In case of illness not mandatory or required to give written application before prayer has to taken leave because it Emergency situation.
  9. Scheme for Grant of leave Occupier factory manager do a agreement with a work committee or a similar committee or with worker may lodge scheme to chief inspector to Grant leave maybe regulated.
  10. Such schemes shall be displayed at such conspicious and convenient place in factory and such scheme valid for 12 months after 12 months it may be renewed With Or without modification for next 12 months.
  11. If refusal of leave it shall be as per accordance of terms and conditions with scheme.

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