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Mansarovar Police Station, ASI Not Taking Action Took My Phone, Not Giving , Even Since 6 Months Not Even Know Is I Have I Done Something Or Not. Please Help!

Police Officer ASI not taking any action
I Am Hereby Wrting To Not To Misconduct Or Nor Negatively Presented To Defame Any Law Or Law Enforcement . Please Take Necessarily Action

My name is Naman Jain. I put up in North East Delhi . Police Station : Mansarovar Police Station (North Delhi) . I am wring this with very good or Positive thoughts with Commercials of Law & Enforcement Because I still Believe or faith in Honesty ,Justice Comes Where Honesty is.

It Delayed but Delivered
My Ex Girlfriend make a complaint to police Station for IPC Section 384 (Blackmailing) & Saying i am taking Money , I am taking it but not that much she took from (With proof i have) either not saying" Single Words like ABUSE , Falsely Wrong Said , Anything that is is not even Rude".

Police ASI Officer came to my Home & said (Blackmailing + Remand).
I have very good faith in Justice system its your Bad part it's Slow But I am poor doesn't mean took my Right of Freedom or any Wrong doing regardless not any bad comments( She is with me for 2 years some months) with them. Police took my iphone on January 07 , 2023 and it's being six months not even any action nor ASI police officer not registered anything , either done (One drive account of mine which 14 years old 536 GB data have been Deleted ). I am shocked and devasted because i don't know it is possible or not . Even I haven't heard of anything like that but In your Judiciary.

We have Section 201 (tamepering of Evidence ). She is saying i have put her mother jewellary to (Ring and Chain) Muthoot Finance Ltd .Now she is asking for Money ( only 1 LC). Now ASI not even asked for anything not done any Report even he Pressurise me for accepting my false undoing (for Accepting her terms & gave my prove for innocency ) Now need a fair trial i am Asked for & asked Please if Police.

do his work & Only thing is Investigation which they do to captured the Accused not me . Please return mu iphone and do a proper fair Investigation by cyber team Why In Police Custody My Data (Cloud Storage Account Onedrive ) Be Gone , Why . I Have Gone To Asi .Please Help Or Suggest Something To Do

I am unemployed since long & gave so much money with Accounts (Proof with me In SBI, KOTAK ,DBS Federal Bank ) . Police is Just asking & asking (ASI) statement not even see is i really took it or not is I really Misbehaved or not . Not Police Not judiciary System gave or return my time , the money , my everything(whatever Electronic things or Gadget which gave to her) I need now .
Thanks for Reading this Whomsoever Read it Please do needful or try to do something on this matter on expedite . I don't have any phone I am Just have an Email I am Accessing to Wring this .

Please Do Needful & Need Fair Trial By Police ;
Need Lawyer Help Or Advise , This Action Will Not Be Done With Anyone In Future If Anyone Who Have Time On This Makes Not My Tears Back Just Need My Rights Of Freedom .

Written By: Naman Jain
[email protected]
Proof: Statement, Some very Important Secretive Information hers, etc

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