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About UCC Benefits For Every Citizen Of India

As per my understanding, the initiation of such laws will empower the basic theme and design of equality, human fundamental rights and moral rights of each citizen.

Our constitution makers vision about the nation giving each and every citizen whether male or female or other, the equal opportunity and same law to each citizen of india irrespective of their coast, religion, gender or sex will be empowered through uniform civil code.

According to my researches I don't think that it will bar any religion's

Ideology or it is against any religious law, instead it will guarantee every one, the fundamental, legal and constitutional rights which is basic ideology of secular India.

If we want that india should grow in all terms then the reforms proposed under supervision of respected supreme court, 22th law commission should be implemented strongly and as soon as possible.

I think UCC is the best reform that india can go through and it will give children, women or men basic property rights, adoption and marriage uniformity, which protects each and everyone in form of laws.

In last I will say being a good, sincere and responsible citizen of India, we must welcome these kind of reforms, which is a bold decision being taken by our supreme court, law commission and government of India.

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