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The Fundamental Right to Privacy: Safeguarding Personal Autonomy in the Digital Age

Right to Privacy incorporates three aspects, Repose, Sanctuary and Intimate decision. Each of these is essential to the Liberty of an individual and find Resonance in the freedom guaranteed under part III of the constitution of India as it guaranteed in the residue under article 21 . Privacy has the nature of being both a common law right as well as fundamental rights

Privacy is often the basic condition necessary to exercise personal liberty. Privacy is an inalienable right to perform any constitutionally permissible act

In decision in M.P Sharma,and Kharak Singh case were overulled. Privacy ,in its simplest sense allows each human being to be left alone in a core is inviolable.

The overreaching presence of state and non State entities regulated aspects of social existence which bear's upon freedom of individual existence and Life and personal liberty are inalienable to Human existence.These rights are considered as primordial right as in Keshavananda Bharti case.

They Cpnstitute right under natural law. They dwel in Privacy and dignity, they constitute the essence of Liberty and freedom. Privacy is not an absolute right subject to due process and procedure established by Law

A.K Gopalan vs State of Madras (1950)- Right to Privacy is an inalienable part of personal Liberty and a constitutional core of human dignity.

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