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Understanding Coparcenary Rights and the Dayabhaga School: A Comprehensive Analysis of Hindu Inheritance Law

Coparcenary Of Dayabhaga School:

  • Dayabhaga school is built on vajnayalkya smiriti, which jimutvahana interprets.
  • This school was accepted in West Bengal and Assam only.
  • Coparcenary share, which is determined in Dayabhaga school, is fixed. Both girls and boys have an equal share in the ancestral property under this school.
  • In Dayabhaga school, both female and male members have the right to their ancestral property.
  • In Dayabhaga school, a person only receives the Coparcenary after their father dies.
  • In Dayabhaga school, if a Coparcenary dies, then his share in the ancestral property is given to his legal heirs.
  • Coparcenary is covered under the Hindu Succession Act, 1956.
  • Coparcenary literally means unity of title, possession, interest.
  • Coparcener means a person belonging to the family and is a legal heir of the ancestral property of that family.
  • The concept of coparcenary is based on the notion of death right.
  • It means that only after the death of the last holder, i.e., the father, sons inherit their father's property.
  • Dayabhaga school is generally governed by the doctrine of succession.

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