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Misconduct of Lawyer

Involvement of moral turpitude or delinquency to be examined for deciding gross negligence. Conduct of advocate contrary to honesty or good morals or conduct which is unethical involved moral turpitude/ callous attitude for interest of client can be characterized as conduct unbefitting/ unbecoming an advocate/

T A Kathira Kanju vs Jacob Mathai ( 2017) 5 SCC 755

Section 36- B ,35(3) & 13 describe s necessary of transferring enquiry to Bar Council of India after expiry of one year from receipt of complaint - Mandatory nature - State Bar Council was obliged to transfer inquiry to BCI after expiry of one year- 36- B

Grosse Negligence - S 35
Delinquency. Moral Turpitude

Utter disregard for client interest can be characterized as conduct unbecoming of advocate or conduct contrary to good morals/ honesty.

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