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Food Safety And Standards Authority Of India (FSSAI)

Food Safety And Standards Authority Of India (Fssai)

FSSAI full form is Food Safety And Standards Authority Of India established under Food Safety and Standard , 2006 which merges different acts & orders which handled food related issues in different departments. FSSAI lays down different standards for foods and helps in regulating their manufacture, distribution , sale and import for human consumption.

Importance Of Food Safety And Standard Act:

Food Safety and Standard Act clinch that food which is supplied to the consumers is healthy and hygienic as food is the basic human requirement as without it no one can survive. As government recognising the importance of it and make ensure that food which is to be consumed should be healthy and hygienic as it can affect the whole nation

Fssai Act 2006:

" It is an Act to consolidate the laws relating to food and to establish the Food Safety and Standards Authority of India for laying down science based standards for articles of food and to regulate their manufacture, storage, distribution, sale and import, to ensure availability of safe and wholesome food for human consumption and for matters connected therewith or incidental thereto."

Fssai Mandatory Functions To Perform Listed Below:

  • Lay down standards related to food articles and enumerating systems which are pertaining to enforcing various standards.
  • Lay down guidelines related to certification of food safety management systems for food businesses.
  • Lay down guidelines for the authorization of laboratories
  • Providing assistance to Central Government and State Government in framing the policy and rules in areas which are directly or indirectly bearing food safety.
  • Provide training programs for those interested person who wants to be the part of food businesses
  • Promote general awareness about safety and standards of food.

Why It Is Important To Register Under The Fssai?

Any individual who own a food business it becomes an obligation for him to register with FSSAI , however small business are not bound to this rule but they have to register themselves with the food authority

Benefits Of Fssai Registration/Licence:

  1. Customer Trust:
    It increases consumer trust in terms of food safety and its quality.
  2. Food Innovation:
    It helps in promoting food innovations
  3. Ensure Safety:
    It helps in facilitating trade, without compromising the safety concern of the consumer.

Steps To Register Under Fssai:

Step 1: First it is important to know your business falls under which category as it determines which category of licence is required by the organisation.

Step 2: Certain document is required to register under FSSAI

Step 3: To fill the form A along with self declaration that you will make assure that you are following all the food and safety guidelines and for attaining the central/state licence you need to fill form B

Step 4: Once you fill the form the appropriate authority will inspect your business and then approve it.

Step 5: after inspecting and approving the business the authority will issue the registration certificate within a period of 60 days.

Documents Required:

For The Basic Registration:

  • Latest Passport sized photograph of the applicant
  • Identification proof
  • PAN Card
  • Address Proof,Telephone or Mobile/ Electricity/Gas Bill
  • Copy of Property papers
  • Copy of Rent Agreement and Landlord's NOC

For The State/Central Licence:

  • Remove hyperlink: Application Form-B which must be signed by the proprietor or partner or the authorized signatory.
  • List of directors and their complete address and phone numbers.
  • Name and list of equipment and machinery along with the installation capacity.
  • Letter of authority containing the responsible person's name and letter, as well as the responsible person, as designated by the manufacturer.
  • Analysis report of the water to be used as an ingredient in the food product, through a government-recognized laboratory on food testing.
  • Partnership Deed/affidavit/memorandum and articles of association related to the constitution of the firm.
  • Copy of certificate obtained under the acts.
  • NOC from the manufacturer in case of renames.
  • Food Safety Management System certificate.
  • Source of milk or plan for milk and milk products processing units.
  • Information about the source of raw material for meat and meat processing plants.
  • Recollecting the plan wherever applicable and with the relevant details to whom the product is distributed.

Licence Mandatory For:

  • Selling
  • Storage
  • Processing
  • Procurement
  • Manufacture
  • Distribution
  • Packaging

Registration Fee For Fssai:

  1. For basic registration - Rs 100
  2. For State Licence - Starting price is from Rs 2500 and rest depends upon the type of business
  3. For Central Licence - Rs 7500


Without registering under FSSAI may cause imprisonment or fine up to Rs 5 lakh

Penalty For Non-Compliance:

  1. Misleading advertising is up to Rs 10 lakh
  2. Failing to cooperate with FSSAI officials is up to Rs 2 lakh
  3. Selling unsafe or substandard food is up to Rs 5 lakh
  4. Violating FSSAI regulation is up to Rs 2 lakh
  5. Carrying out business without FSSAI licence/registration is up to Rs 5 lakh
  6. Selling misbranded food is up to Rs 3 lakh

What If The Registration Certificate Is Not Issued Within 60 Days?

If the licence is not issued or there is no reply from the authority you can start your business but you might be subject to inspection.

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