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Juvenile Delenquency

Children are considered special gifts from Allah paak , we as human beings , parents, guardians and society as a whole have a duty that children should be allowed and provided opportunity to grow up in a healthy socio cultural environment, so that they could become responsible citizens, physically, mentally alert and morally healthy..

Crimes by Juveniles is a harsh reality in India . In recent times juveniles were found to be involved in most heinous crimes such as Murder ,Gang Rape etc.

There are so many other offences committed by Juveniles like Theft , Assault , Robbery etc.

There may be many reasons behind these crimes that Juveniles gets involved in these types of offences like there may be:
  1. Poverty
  2. Lack of Education
  3. Family Tension
  4. Mental health problems
  5. Peer pressure etc.
Yes they are obviously unable to understand about the nature of offences but just want to raise a question here ,how they know the very heinous, very painful ,very horrible offence that is the offence of Rape?

How they know the procedure of this offence?

But what happen at last ?

At last they do it ,they do it for their personal satisfaction or they do it to take revenge to hurt her physically as well as psychologically and they commit this offence which ends with also murder.

According to NCRB data of 2021 ,it shows that between 2017 and 2021 7,111juveniles are involved in Rape

According to juvenile justice court in Kairana(city in UP):-15yrs old boy on 12feb 2018 raped 6yrs old girl , juvenile justice court sent him to correction for 3yrs with no imposition of fine .

Minor Rapist In Bihar:

13yrs old boy Raped 12yrs old girl ,after case registered he was sent to correction home but the impact on girl was severe as family refused to accept her and drove her away.

State Of Maharashtra V Mahesh Bhalrao 2019:

17yrs old accused of gang rape was sent to rehabilitation centre for overall well being of young individuals.

Baran Gang Rape Case (Rajasthan 2021):

15yrs old girl was raped and one of whom was juvenile. Juvenile justice Board sent him for 3yrs in correction home .

Central Board of school education:- As per guidelines a 14yrs child is enough mature for 10th board examination. That means a Juvenile has enough mentality that he can solve the tough and toughest questions of Trigonometry , Physics, chemistry or Economics etc.

Child Labour Amendment Act 2016:

A child from 14 yrs of age is able to work and also he is able to be a sole bread earner of his family. Rational key behind this permit child to work is to promote a sense of responsibility and contribute to his personal growth.

That means law itself give us some glimpses that child is enough mature to know the way of solving problems, qualify examination and get admission in a big university and also he is able to work for the wellbeing of his family.

Cyber crimes:-juveniles are engaged in illicit cyber activities causing significant harm to individuals , organization and society as a whole .

Amarpratap v state of Rajasthan 2018:

  • Kamesh Ps v state of Kerala 2019
  • Shreya Singh v Union of India 2015
In all these cases juveniles were involved in cyber bullying cases .

Serial killer:
A person who kills more than 3 people at different point of time but the method and procedure of killing is almost same .

Amarjeet Sada:
World youngest serial killer 8yrs old child killed 3persons of same village.
  • State Of Maharashtra V Vijay Patel.
  • Rahul V State Of Rajasthan 2021.
In these cases serial juvenile killers were involved.

Examples -movies mai hu Dandhakari , Katputli , Mardani etc

At last I want to conclude it by these words that there are cases where juveniles are treated as Adults but there also number of cases where court emphasised on protecting the identity of Juvenile Accused and safeguard their Right to Privacy, prevent Stigmatisation in accordance with Juvenile justice Act and Principles of Natural Justice.

But what about victims, the girl who suffered from Rape ,what about her justice?

She is not able to see her face in a mirror,she completely isolate herself and the wholly responsible is Accused,who commits such a heinous crime .

In this era ,a child gets mental maturity early in socio cultural environment due to influence of internet and social media.

Therefore to have deterrent effect it is important that such offenders should be punished as adults so that victims could also get their Justice.

We have to protect the interests of juvenile but not on the cost of dignity of any girl.

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