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Battling Injustice: Understanding and Addressing Crimes Against Women

As India progress in development and opportunities the issue of crime against woman has been a major hindrance to the nations growth. Crime against woman rose by 15.3 percent in 2021 according to the latest data released by the ( The national crime records bureau). A majority of case fall in category of cruelty by husband or his relatives followed by assault on woman with intent to outrage her modesty.

Crime against woman in India remains a significant concern. Here some deeper information on this topic:
Types of crime against women are:
Physical violence- many woman's are victims of violence which include acts like domestic abuse, acid attacks and honor killings etc

Kidnapping- section 360 state that If a person kidnap a person beyond the limits of India without the consent of that person or without the consent of person who is legally entitled to give consent on that person's behalf. It means the offence of kidnapping is committed. Section 361 explains that if a person kidnap a minor without the consent of his or her lawful guardian, then the person has commits the offence of kidnapping.

Section 363 tells about the punishment which imprisonment which can extend up to seven years and fine.

Eve teasing- the term eve teasing involve molestation or sexual harassment of woman orally or by doing vulgar gestures or by winking, whistling or staring in public places, streets and parks. Perpetrators can face imprisonment for up to 3 years and a fine under section 509 of IPC

Rape - rape is an appalling crime and the most common one against woman. India is seen by the world as a nation plagued by rape cases.

Section 375 says that if a man Pentrates his penis into the vagina, mouth, urethra or anus of woman or make her to do so with him or any other person this mean that man has committed a rape.

Insert any object not being the penis into the vagina , urethra or anus of woman

Applies his mouth to the vagina, urethra or anus of a woman

If a man do all these things it means that man has committed a rape .

Punishment comes under section 376 which is rigorous imprisonment which shall not be less than 10 years , but which may extend to imprisonment for life and also liable for fine

Domestic violence: It Is an another prevalent issue in our country . It include abuse that can be mental, physical and sexual abuse. It Is prevalent here as the issue of dowry, male dominance. Woman not only suffer violence from the husband but also from the family members and relatives of husband. If the bride's family did not fulfill the demand then the whole cycle of demand for additional dowry ensues regular Beating, deprivations of basic need of woman's and insult woman and her family.

Cyber crime: As technology advances, cyber crime also increasing from day to day. Cyber crime such as bullying, abuse and pornograpy have become prevalent . Many woman's are victim of cyber crime . The Information technology Act 2000 provide several punishment for these offences, ranging from imprisonment for up to 3 years to life imprisonment.

These crimes are increasing day by day and woman's are becoming victim of these crimes. It is important to understand that crime against woman is a complex issue deeply rooted in societal structures and cultural norms .Efforts to combat these crimes include legal measures, public awareness, campaigns and support services for victims. Education and changing cultural attitudes are also crucial in reducing the crimes.

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