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Exploring the Hindu Marriage Act

It is pertinent to note that before enforcing Hindu marriage act, the marrying couple to be briefed on it's pros and cons well before marriage. A family comprises of aged grand parents, parents and siblings. Therefore in the present days context with both men and women have educated tend to hold same footing in the society. But nature has gifted women with higher threshold than men.

That being the case role playing in a family building after marriage is paramount. Domestic violence act pronounced is not in good taste to make things complicated at matrimonial home. Owing some differences argument with married couple and it's family members cannot be construed as an one sided offence.

Rampant misuse leading to misuse in the legal process. A teacher reprimand a student to show a right path, hence same should apply in a family. Elder's in a family guide youngsters not be seen in negativity. In this current scenario by and large men or women both attend parties, if government or law permits licence for manufacturing of liquor, the use of same is rampant by either sex.

This is causing series of family problems why target only men. Today men are withdrawing from marriage commitments and remaining single. Hence considering the above mentioned examples, it's time to revamp marriage act and save civilization from extinction. Handle marriages in kid gloves!

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