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Thinking Twice On Gandhi's Life

As we all are aware about controversies about Gandhi's death and his way of life like what he used to idealise and on what principles he rely upon which many among us consider as not true .Here, being a law student, I wouldn't be biased but being an active citizen of the nation I cannot say that he supported his ideologies to the fullest based on the fact which i will be providing later on this article.

With No hesitation and doubt I can proudly say that he is the father of the nation who gave our country freedom but it is not always "only" him ,there were small and big other violent and non violent efforts that contributed to the freedom of our nation i.e; Bhagat Singh, Sardar Patel, Subash Chandra Bose etc.

My concern here is when there are 2 chaperts about the classic era of GANDHI's struggle for independence and his ideologies of non violence and truth but there is no single chapter to praise our other leaders who contributed in every possible way out there for the freedom and well being of the country and countrymen.

Lets talk about Netaji Subash Chandra Bose, he has few ideological differences from Gandhiji and because of that he was never supported for the cause of freedom by his point of view by Gandhiji .Bhagat Singh who worked underground as a revolutionary has been hanged to death for what cause -"FREEDOM".

I agree there are places where during every flag hosting ceremony Subash Chandra Bose picture is kept under national flag that place is Bengal his birth place.

Here my question is - whether MAHATMA GANDHI used to follow his own ideology? i.e; non violence

here are few evidences that show that he was not purely non violent in his thoughts

During his militant call of 'Do or Die' in Quit India moment in 1942 as Gandhi himself told to public that it is not mandatory to move with the flag of non violence, you can do whatever you want for the moment.

Secondly Gandhi himself said that "where there is only a choice between choice between cowardice and violence I would advise violence'" he writes and as he took part in the juhu rebellion and the late war ,in both of these war Gandhi was supporting Britishers with the help of ambulance for which Gandhi was honoured with the title star of the India .

Thirdly in a statement or quote of Gandhi when he was saying " this time on my arrest there is to be no mute passive non violence but non violence of the activist should be set in motion so that not a single behaviour on is non violence as in article of faith for the purpose of achievement India's got should find himself free or alive at the end of the effort any longer to the existing slavery"

if I write it will not be a harsh reality to say Gandhi was a great politician with all his great politician tactics maintaining his political power

In many cases it is seen by Nathuram godse that there were many parts where they have seen Gandhi with Britishers war

Now I want to put forward the character towards women of Mahatma Gandhi

That included gender discrimination. Gandhi championed women in politics. But he was also obsessed with his own celibacy. In his late 70s, before he died at 78, he slept naked with his grandniece when she was in her late teens. He said he wanted to test his willpower to abstain from sex.

Nowadays, most people would call that abuse. Some question whether the young female was capable of giving consent as a minor to a man who was so revered and so much more powerful than she. In 1962, when British filmmaker Richard Attenborough began researching what would become his 1982 Gandhi film, he asked Jawaharlal Nehru, India's first prime minister, how he should portray his late colleague.

Nehru famously replied that Gandhi was "a great man, but he had his weaknesses, his moods and his failings." He begged Attenborough not to turn Gandhi into a saint. He was "much too human," Nehru said.

Even Gandhi's closest friends Jawaharlal Nehru was also against this experiment.

Gandhi ji told this experiment to one of his newspaper 'Indian opinion' after one year .Gandhi wrote "its duty of every youth that they should not marry and if in future they will marry in he is not supposed to make any physical relation with his wife" which was very controversial and against the right to marry act there are many more arguments

A Gandhi statue was removed from a university campus in Ghana. Activists there and in Malawi are using the hashtag #GandhiMustFall. They're angry about his early writings.

In 1903, when Gandhi was in South Africa, he wrote that white people there should be "the predominating race." He also said black people "are troublesome, very dirty and live like animals."

There's no way around it: Gandhi was a racist early in his life, says his biographer Ramachandra Guha."Gandhi as a young man went with the ideas of his culture and his time. He thought in his 20s that Europeans are the most civilized. Indians were almost as civilized, and Africans were uncivilized," Guha, 61, told NPR in an interview in May at his home in Bengaluru, India.

from this article I just want to convey that the history is always written by the powerful people so what we may force to learn or teach is manipulated version of it .Therefore keep your mind always open for such unseen and untold.maybe later we would know the actual truth and try to find the objective truth as whole world is running behind the subjective one which is the main reason why truth is not exposed as it is very disappointed how can such sacrifices are tried to be sabotage.

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