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Article 226

Article 226 - licence - Terminations of , natural justice, compliances of, necessity of, scope - licences were granted to petitioner s to work as iron Pattipackers differently railways stations at Delhi.

Terminations of licences - challenge to - no notice issued to petitioner s prior to termination - termination of licences on the grounds which were never communicated to petitioner s. Petitioner were holding licenses for a special period over 25vyesrs .

Violation of principles of natural justice - impugned order of termination, unsustainable - administrative law - Natural Justice - compliances of , for termination of licences, necessity of - Easements Act 1882- Section 60

Held it is a fact that the petitioner s having been holding licenses for a period of over 25 years. Their licenses have been terminated on grounds which were never been communicated to them. Certainly such termination is not sustainable being violation of principles of natural justice and settled principles of Law

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