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The Detrimental Impact of Indecent Language in Political Campaigns

In the current political landscape, the quest for a universally accepted leader within alliances is obscured by the prevalence of superficiality. Regrettably, respect and honor seem to have given way to a politics of hatred, animosity, and discrimination, posing a serious threat to Indian democracy. This article aims to dissect the ramifications of employing indecent language in political campaigns, with a particular focus on recent instances in Indian politics.

Declining Prestige of Politics:

The use of absurd, unrestrained, and superficial language in political discourse is indicative of a decline in the prestige of politics. In a country as vast and diverse as India, the choice of a Prime Minister elected by the common people should not be reduced to baseless accusations and name-calling. Such discourse not only undermines the democratic process but also erodes the public's trust in political institutions.

Contradictions within Political Parties:
An alarming trend is observed within the opposition party, Congress, which consistently targets industrialist Gautam Adani by labeling him a pickpocket. Paradoxically, in Congress-ruled states, Chief Ministers engage in business agreements worth thousands of crores of rupees with Adani. This stark contradiction raises questions about the sincerity of political accusations during elections and the impact on the country's economic landscape.

Insulting Industrialists and Economic Impact:
The habit of insulting industrialists, as witnessed in the political narrative, particularly targets figures like Gautam Adani. Such rhetoric fails to acknowledge the significant contributions of small and large industrialists who have played a pivotal role in providing employment to millions of people across the country. The question arises: does Congress, in its blind opposition to Modi, unintentionally hinder the nation's developing economy by demeaning its industrialists?

Unfounded Criticism of the Prime Minister:
One of the most egregious examples of indecent language in political campaigns is the baseless criticism of the Prime Minister as an illiterate king. Despite being elected with an overwhelming majority, these derogatory remarks fail to recognize the Prime Minister's achievements in elevating the country's economy to four trillion dollars and striving for further progress. Such language not only undermines the leader but also detracts from constructive political discourse.

The Concluding Note:
The use of indecent language in political campaigns poses a significant threat to the foundations of Indian democracy. As politics becomes increasingly polarized and superficial, the focus shifts from substantive issues to personal attacks and baseless accusations. To safeguard the democratic process and restore public trust, it is imperative for political leaders to engage in respectful and constructive dialogue that prioritizes the nation's welfare over divisive tactics.

The view expressed herein are in the public Interest. Though every possible care has been taken by me in expressing my idea and that the same is not meant for hurting sentiment, emotion or feeling of any one. I tender unconditional apology in advance in case, someone's faith , sentiment or faith is hurt in any manner whatsoever.

Written By: Advocate Ajay Amitabh Suman, IP Adjutor - Patent and Trademark Attorney
Email: [email protected], Ph no: 9990389539

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