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Res judicata and Stare Decicis

Res judicata means a thing already adjudicated, a case already decided or things settled by a decision or judgement.

The doctrine of Stare de cicis means that a court look to the past , similar issues to guide their decision. The past decision s are known as President that obligates court to look to president when stand by their decision. Stare deci sis means stand by decided cases, to uphold president to maintain former adjudication or not to disturb settled Law.

Resjudicata binds parties and privies, while stare deci sis operates between stranger and prevent courts from taking a contrary view in the points of Law already decided. Resjudicata presupposes judicial findings upon the same facts as involved in subsequent litigation between the same parties. Stare deci sis applies the same principle s as to all parties.

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