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Post Modernism

"Postmodernism: Where creativity meets the unexpected, turning everyday ideas into a dance of endless possibilities" .....Vishal Banga

Post Modernism emerged as a movement in critical legal study mission as a new system of thoughts, and a body of knowledge

The word Post Modernism suggests that it is after the modern Period, It is a combination of modernity and Its subsequent out growth, there is nothing beyond this.

It Emphasized on a single thought evolving an open space for the marginal, the difference and other thoughts, It stands for Disposal, Plurality, Cluster of styles, Text reading, Object and their real performances.

The Instant change in the last 30 years as a post industrial development has emerged as post industrial development or birth of a globalized society or birth of a post capitalist order, Post Modernist also called it as "consumer society"- A world of capitalism.

Jean Francois: Advocated that it is a reflection of changes in science and Technology, the development of Computerization, mass communication and emphasized on the societal and cultural changes of society.

Post Modernism reflects the hopes in the social structure, over the last 100 Years. A conventional cultures and shift towards the globalization and a systematic Political change with endangering existing Historical foundations of growth of Jurisprudence.

Post Modernism as a Strategy:
Post Modernism as a strategy for liberating the stressed voices, It is a commitment to undermine the dominate - Law is a male, patriarchy governs the society, Rejected ideology of capitalism instability and contradicted the bureaucrats welfare state. Post Modernism see the society free from bureaucrats as these were looked as a source of opposition, which can resist or may prove a threat to freedoms.

A bureaucrats free state:
Post Modernism stage made an effort to respond legitimate crisis of the society, they accepted that - bureaucrats state become dysfunctional. Because it deliberately interfered in functions of other System, which caused inefficiency in management, social and eco resources, It gave birth to new social and eco problem- minimizing of functions of state by decentralizing Its powers.

As a result of this, the social category exist in society e.g.. Women, Black- women, Gays lived in a very different world, where no scope of Reconciliation and many differences in Psychology, one is in conflict with other.

Shifting of Culture and Role of State
Post Modernism Shifted the culture from the study of legal system to the nature of legal subject and role of Judiciary to Contribute in this system. They said state is not more or less a part of this structure It's absent, There should be autonomy of Law to evolve rule of Law.

In a society, where we live, is a society of associations, people working in factories etc. and we accept religious affiliations. - This theory gave emergence to new legal practices, where political agenda was changed, redistribution of eco- sources existed, emphasised on a better environment and empowerment to victimized groups of society.

Post Modernism accepted that law is command of sovereign and sovereign has to take care of subjects so they can pursue desired goals for social growth and development.

Limitation of Post Modernism
Post Modernism:
  • Created a new struggle for society.
  • Forced legal subjects to die in contingency situations.
  • A lot of confusion, where no sufficient time to attain Certainly.
  • Created an uncertain world where neither law nor culture heritage provided certainty.

  • Law & Social Transformation, Faculty Miss Rupam Jagota, GNDU RC Jalandhar (Notes)

Written By:Vishal Banga, LLM Student, Guru Nanak Dev University Regional Campus Jalandhar

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