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Special Procedure For Language

Composition 349 of the Indian constitution falls under the third chapter of part 17 of the Indian constitution which deals with sanctioned languages. It lays out a special procedure for the preface or movement of any bills or corrections related to language during the first 15 times after the relinquishment of the Constitution.

Composition 350 of the Indian constitution exfoliates light on the rights of Indian citizens regards their language of communication with the government. This composition states that the chairman may authorize the use of any indigenous language in the proceedings of the union government and its agencies as well as in the representation of the requital of grievances to the union government and its agencies.

Article 349

Special procedure for enactment of certain laws relating to language:

There was no bill or correction for the provision for the language which is to be used for any of the purposes shall be introduced or moved in either Lok Sabha or Rajya Sabha without the permission of the chairman, also without the consideration and recommendations of commission of clause (1) of composition 344, the chairman doesn't give any permission to the preface of the bill.

Article 350

Language to be used in representation for requital of grievances:

Every person shall submit a representation related to the requital of grievance to the officer or authority in the Union of State in the language which is used in the Union or State.

Article 350-A

Installations for instructions in the mother tongue at the primary stage:

Every state and every original authority shall give installations for the operation of mother tongue at the primary position of education, especially by the children who belong to verbal nonage and the chairman issues direction for passing provision of these installations.

Article 350 B

Special officer for verbal nonage:

The chairman shall appoint a special officer as a verbal officer. The special officer shall probe all the matters relating to the safeguards and rights of the verbal nonages and report to the chairman on the matters which the chairman may direct, the chairman represents similar reports before the houses of Congress.

Article 351

Directive for the development of the Hindi language:

The union shall promote the spread of the Hindi language as Hindi is the language, that is extensively used throughout India, Hindi is used as the medium of expression for the culture of India. The languages that are in the eighth schedule of the constitution are also in operation by the union wherever it's necessary.

Case Laws:
  1. Supreme Court of India Indra Sawhney etc. Etc. vs Union of India and others etc. on 16th November 1992. Equivalent citations: AIR 1993 Sc H77,1992 Supp 2 scar 454 Bench: M Kania, M Venkatachalam, SR Pandian, T Ahmadi, k Sindhu, P Sawant, R Sahai, BJ Reddy.
  2. Smt. Shakuntala's. Tiwari vs Hemachandra Singhania on 6th May 1987 Mr. Nariman learned course for the plaintiff that the expression " determination " appears in section 111 of the Transfer of Property Act. Under section 14 of the Bombay Rent Act, the same expression was used in the terrain of a sub-tenant of the landlord.
  3. Ratilal Khemchand Chokshi vs Assesses

The guest of the decision of the learned commissioner of income tax (appeals) is that the assesses failed to prepare a cash flow statement or to prove that the shares or the sale proceeds have been invested in household articles. IT (ss) A Nos 349 -AHD-2003,350-AHD-2003 and 357-AHD -2003.

In conclusion, composition 349 of the Indian constitution establishes a 15-time period during which the use of languages for any of the purposes mentioned in clause (1) of Composition 348 cannot be changed without the previous blessing of the president. This blessing can only be granted after the chairman has taken into consideration, the recommendations of the commission and the report of the commission established under clause (1) and clause (4) of Composition 344 independently. The purpose of Composition 350 of the Indian constitution is to ensure that individuals can effectively communicate their grievances to the government and that their rights are protected. It also reflects the multi-public nature of India, where there are numerous different languages spoken across the country.

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