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Global Business Conflict Resolution Through International Arbitration

Arbitration has grown in popularity and effectiveness as a mechanism for resolving disputes in international trade and business. It's impossible to say where extensively arbitration is used, but some analysts have indicated that arbitration clauses are included in most of all commercial transactions. Increasing growth has resulted in a spike in the volume of commercial transactions containing terms requiring international arbitration.

As a result, many individuals recognize the scope and usefulness of international arbitration as a boost to bridge trade and economics. Due to the global economy having shifted its center to greater economies in developing markets, international arbitration cases involving transactions with and between developing countries have become more prevalent. Even though established arbitration centers in "Western European countries" and "North America" are faster than ever; they are experiencing intense demand from overseas.

A large number of nations have upgraded the arbitration clause and supporting court procedures, and a growing number of 'arbitral institutions' around the world are now offering their services to valuable clients. However, the court system in certain states is constantly battling and seeking to redirect legal disputes far from the arbitrator. Foreign clients have a variety of options for resolving their conflicts in this dynamic but more difficult legal sense.

Business requirements will always depend on the situation, but an examination of those aspects of "international arbitration" that have traditionally been seen as most beneficial to overseas parties while significantly reducing apparent downsides of international arbitration could provide some general advice.

The role of international arbitration increases in related cross-border commercial transactions because it provides many benefits to the parties such as:
  1. Neutrality of venue, seat jurisdiction, and law enforcement, neutrality is necessary to get free from bias and help in reducing bonus disadvantages to the party using home court jurisdiction.
  2. The decision of international commerce involves a high degree of technicality which results in the requirement highly skilled and expert body, so international arbitration helps in choosing an expert body as an arbitrator.
  3. One of the most important to choosing international arbitration is to maintain confidentiality and privacy, it is done to protect the reputation and goodwill of the parties in the dispute.
  4. Since international arbitration involves both the party agreement method it is well coordinated and party friendly.
  5. Generally, the litigation-based system involves the use of more time and costs, so the international arbitration system involves the settlement of disputes quickly and cheaply. Time management is essential in international trade to reduce the loss due to the passage of time.
  6. Due to the use of expert and quality arbitrators, the decision to finalize can be easily ascertained. It is mainly done after proper proceedings and hearings among the parties and by analyzing all the material facts.
  7. The advantage of using international commercial arbitration is the enforcement of the award. The international arbitration is enforceable and final is binding.

The New York Convention's enforcement is not without flaws, which should not be overlooked, especially in emerging economic jurisdictions. The growing number of countries that have adopted the UNCITRAL Model Law, or a variant of it, has encouraged to centralize of the system of international arbitration around the world, making enforcement easier under the New York Convention.

However, there are still some countries where enforcement is exceptionally hard, such as several Middle Eastern countries. It is required to go to the court judgment in the nation at which the party requests execution, and that tribunal has a monitoring duty that may be understood radically differently.

Nonetheless, based on observation, enforcement under the New York Convention is generally easier than executing a court's decision, particularly in developing nations. Often instances, the proper judgments can lead to an international arbitral process that is ideal in addressing the requirements of the parties, providing a mechanism of dispute resolution adapted to the parties' demands, and recognizing the requirement for a company settlement to allow a trade to flourish.

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