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Prevention Of Child Abuse

There can be no doubt that a girl child is a Minor but may be a time has come Where a distinction can be drawn between the girl children and minor,may be fixing the upper limit at 10 for the girl children. As by that age, a child, glorious gift to mankind, cannot conceive of any kind of carnal desire in man.

Once she becomes a victim of such a crime, there is disastrous effect on her mind. The mental agony lasts long. Sorrow and fear haunt forever.

There is need to take steps for stopping this kind of child abuse and hence, possibly there is need for defining the term 'child' in the context of rape and rape and thereafter provide for more severe punishment in respect of the culprits who are involved in this type of crime. The Supreme Court hope that Parliament would respond to the agony of the collective, for it really deserves consideration.

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