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A Deep Dive into First Information Reports and the Imperative for Zero FIRs in India

First Information Report:

A study conducted by the Indian Institute of Public Opinion, New Delhi regarding "Image of the Police in India" which observed that over 50% of the respondents mention non- registration of complaints as a common practice in police stations.

Supreme Court of India

Lalita Kumari vs Govt. Of U.P.& Ors Citation: Writ Petition (Criminal) No 68 of 2008 Date of order-12 November 2013.

In this case supreme court held that the Number Of FIRs not registered is approximately Equivalent to the number of FIRS actually registered i.e. about 60 lakh cognizable offences were in 2012.

We all know that first information report (FIR). But do you know what is zero F.I.R zero F.I.R people come to know when violence broke out in Manipur, due to which F.I.R were registered in 6000 cases in which 1/3 of the F.I.R zero F.I.R was.

What Is FIR:

Section 154(1) Code of Criminal Procedure

If supplied orally to the official in charge of a police station, any information pertaining to the commission of a cognizable offence must be reduced to writing by him. And the substance of the same shall be recorded in the officer's book in the manner prescribed in this regard by the State Government.

What is zero F.I.R?:

  • When a police station receives a complaint about an alleged offense committed in the jurisdiction of another police station, it registers an FIR.
  • This FIR is transferred to the concerned police station for further investigation; this is called zero FIR.
  • The concept of Zero FIR was primarily incorporated in the Criminal Law Amendment by Justice Verma Committee after the incident of Nirbhaya rape case.
  • There is no mention of F.I.R in Crpc except in section 207 of Crpc. The first information report is entered into section 154.

Who Can register zero F.I.R?:

  • Any victim
  • A close friend and family member.
  • If she/he has the acknowledge about that a crime has taken place.

Purpose of Zero FIR:

  • To prevent delays and other interruptions of any type.
  • To obligate police to accept the jurisdiction.
  • After the FIR has been registered, prompt jurisdiction must be exercised.
  • To ensure that the investigation is conducted properly.
  • To allow the case to move quickly.

Landmark judgment:
  • In Lalita Kumari v. Government of U.P. Court laid down that it is compulsory to register a FIR under Section 154 if the complaint is related to a cognizable offence.
  • Kirti Vashisht vs. State & orders
    The police must nonetheless take the information, register it as a zero FIR, and then transfer it to the specific police station, according to the court's ruling in this instance, even if the information does not fall under the jurisdiction of the police station.
With the help of Zero FIR, the victim can lodge her complaint anywhere and in any police station of the country. Some areas are ruled by strongmen due to which police officers do not register FIRs. But now the brave F.I.R. With the benefit of this, any victim can lodge her FIR in any area and police station of the country. This is a good step to eliminate crime.

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