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How To File ESIC Return?

Employees State Insurance (ESI) is administered by the Employees State Insurance Corporation (ESIC) which is a government organization. The program primarily provides financial and medical assistance to workers and their families. This assistance is provided to employees when the employee is ill, injured on duty or pregnant and is unable to perform her duties. In this article we have discussed all the ESI returns.

What is ESI Return?

Employees State Insurance (ESI) is an independent organization managed by the Ministry of Labor and Employment. It is a self-financed social security and health insurance program for Indian workers. Employees State Insurance Corporation (ESIC) and its rules and regulations are responsible for administering this ESI fund.

The ESI return is filed by the employer every six months, and contains information about the employees covered under the scheme, their salaries and contributions made by the employer and the employee. These returns are used to ensure that the contributions made by employers and employees are accurate and that employees are receiving the benefits they are entitled to under the plan.

Filing of ESI returns is mandatory for all employers who have registered for the scheme and failure to file on time may result in penalties and legal consequences. ESI is a social security program provided by the Government of India under the Employees' State Insurance Act of 1948. The program is self-financing, with regular monthly contributions from both employees and employers equal to a certain percentage of their salary.

What Are The Documents Required For Filing ESI Return?

Following records are required to be kept up to date for filing ESI return
  • Attendance record
  • Form 6
  • Wage record
  • A list of accidents that have occurred there.
  • Checkbook
  • ESI return and monthly challan.
What is the process to file ESI Return?
  1. User ID and Password: While registering for ESI every employer will be given a user ID, password, and a 17-digit code.
  2. Log in to Employees State Insurance Corporation: Go to the official website of ESIC. Enter your login information and click "Login".
  3. Filling correct information: Ensure that the employee details are correct before clicking on "File Monthly Return" on the right side. A list of options for editing employee details will be available on the portal. Correct information if necessary.
  4. Bank records: To submit monthly ESI contribution, fill the bank details and click on "Submit".
  5. Generating currency: After the donation is paid, go to the "List of Actions" page and press "Create Currency". It is necessary to keep this challan for investigation.
  6. Chartered Accounts Certificate: Select the checkbox to accept the declaration and click on "Self-Certification" under the Monthly Contribution section. If there are more than 40 employees, then the Chartered Accounts Certificate has to be uploaded.
  7. ESI return submission is done by the employer: Click on "Submit".

What Are The Benefits Of Filing ESIC Returns?

Employees who are registered with the Employees' State Insurance Corporation are entitled to maternity leave for women employees as well as medical care for themselves and their dependents.

Below are the benefits of filing Employees' State Insurance Corporation returns:

  • Medical Benefits: Provision of medical benefits to employees is one of the main objectives of submitting this form for registration. Workers who are suffering from any disease or other condition can avail immediate benefits.
  • Social Security: The government has designed the ESI Enrollment Program as a form of social security. This program provides social security benefits including maternity insurance, disability compensation and other related benefits.
  • Easy Process: Benefits under this scheme are easily accessible at any hospital or healthcare facility. Any payments made through this scheme may be reimbursed.
  • Sickness Benefits: Each employee will be eligible for a different type of sickness benefit through ESIC registration. These benefits are provided at the rate of 70% of the employer's compensation. If the condition lasts more than 90 days or three consecutive months, this amount will be considered and provided.
  • Maternity benefits: Every company participating in this program must provide maternity benefits such as maternity leave to expectant mothers.
  • Disability benefits: This program also includes coverage for disability benefits. In case of unexpected permanent incapacity or death, an employee's dependents can file a claim if an unforeseen circumstance results in the employee's death or permanent disability.

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