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Electoral Bond Scheme: A Questionnaire

Electoral Bond Scheme - A Questionnaire
  1. In the Constitution Bench Judgment by which the Electoral Bond Scheme was declared unconstitutional, many question remained hush - i.e. whether the scheme was Electoral Bond - is what is meant for or is another word jugglery? Let's dissect
  2. The provisions of REPRESENTATION OF THE PEOPLE ACT, 1951 [RPA] has several provisions as to election, elector, political party, the Commission - ECI.
  3. Thus there are ONLY these parties in the Matrix [a] ECI - the Regulator of the Election, [b] the Candidate/Party seeking to be elected, and [c] the Elector / Voters who will elect the several of the candidate/party.
  4. Thus the entire course of ELECTION in within these 3 parties in the Set.
  5. IF any anything is Electoral, it has to be [a] within the 3 parties above, and [b] purposively only for Election and nothing else.
  6. The then Union Govt has issued Electoral Bond Scheme 2018 vide Gazette Notification No. 20 dated 2nd January 2018 (as amended vide Gazette Notification dated 7th November, 2022) - EBS
  7. Questions:
    1. Can a Company/Corporate/Entity which is not a component or ECI - Elector - Electee take part in the Election or Electoral process through EBS???
    2. shouldn't the donations if any be given only by the Electors - Voters alone, for the purpose of integrity of the Election process???
    3. Can the Union or Parliament, whether or not through Finance Act, ADD, 1 more party in the Election game, directly or indirectly, in RPA, or allow indulgence of such NON-COMPONENT Company/Corporate/Entity in Election or Electoral Process through EBS???
    4. Can the Union or Parliament whether or not through Finance Act affect the core purpose and Spirit of RPA of Fair and Free Election unaffected by NON-PLAYERS ???
    5. Given the Constitutional Foundation - [not pillars] - i.e. Democratically ELECTED Government; - Can the Union or Parliament make legislation or Finance Act, that affects any Component of ELECTED or in RPA ???
    6. Was the EBS jugglery of words??????
    7. Wasn't the EBS outright offence under Part7 of PRA????
  8. Lastly - If everything was Electoral:
    1. why was is open for 4 months per year???
    2. why was it open at the instance of Union and not ECI?????
    3. was the ECI replaced by the Union???
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