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71st Republic Day

Within few days we Indians are going to celebrate Our 71st Republic day. Republic day celebration is not an ordinary celebration for any country which is republic or has been republic recently. On this very own day the country's citizens were reunited after the long and worst time that any country can see.

In the golden days people used to say India is a Golden Bird. But soon after that this caption for India started loosing it’s charm because soon after this Mughals then after them Britishers ruled India and looted the country in every possible way they can BUT when on 15 august 1947 when we got independent from the Britishers.

Indians were scattered and were not united as what we saw it today then came the Iron Man of India  Mr. Sardar Vallabh Bhai Patel who played a major role in uniting the India which we now see as a united nation but after this also the way ahead for India was not easy because there were no rights and basic rules were there to run a country then the constituent assembly was formed under the leadership of the Dr. Bhim Rao Ambedkar who played a vital role in writing and drafting the constitution of our country which came into force on 26 January 1950.

But even after getting the constitution and as the time passed there were several amendments made to the constitution of India by some of the landmarks cases such as Keshvanand Bharti v/s UOI , Golaknath v/s UOI etc and recent amendment made to the constitution of India is 105th amendment (For Article 370).

BUT Now apart from this India needs to look into some of the major issues which if not solved then it can become a setback for India and can become a hindrance in the path of development.

These matters are Laws, unemployment, hunger , health-care and Environment conditions etc.

  1. We need more strict laws in the matters related with the protection of women and girls. Increasing punishment and fine is not alone to tackle the issues. Women are still not safe on the roads even after several amendments made to various criminal laws.
  2. Fast and efficient settlement of the matters before the court. In India the person who has filed the case and the decree/judgement is received by either his children or even by his grand children isn’t it irony.
  3. Stronger laws regarding environment.
  4. Abolishment of unnecessary acts

This is the area of major concern which everyone promises to solve but no one does it.Unemployment rate is such that a person who has studied a bachelors degree from a reputed college is applying for the basic jobs or odd jobs work. On one hand we are talking about a developed and safe society but on the other hand people are not having jobs and as a result they are being left out behind . As of October 2019 8.5 % of the population of India is unemployed.Which if not solved soon can result into a increment of such number in the future. Thus we need a new pattern and new set of techniques to overcome this issue.

It is sad and at a same time pain to write that we are now in the 21st Century and still we cannot eliminate the hunger issues . In India on one side a person is having so much that he/she is not having enough space to keep the food and on the other hand a person is not having a penny to purchase a meal for him/herself.

Many children as well as an adult dies daily because of hunger. Although India has started taking an initiative but those measures are not up to the mark . We need certain changes which are not promissory on the paper But actually can deliver the result which will help us to eliminate the hunger related issues from our motherland India.
  • Currently India Ranks 103 in the list of countries were hunger is still an issue.
  • 194.4 million people i.e. 14% of our population is undernourished
  • 20.8% of children under 5 are underweight
  • 37.9% of children under 5 years of age are stunted.

In India people are still deprived of the basic rights of health care but in recent years our government has taken some steps towards this issue such as “AYUSHMAN BHARAT”.Many women in the rural India still suffer from the basic sanitary issues because of lack of awareness of towards sanitary pads many people suffer from STD’s.

Because they are not aware of the protections and after this people don’t know how to control the no of children they need because they don’t know the what are sources available. Thus we need a better health oriented society so that we all can develop together. And can build India it’s position what it deserve’s because a healthy country is made by healthy peoples.

What Indians will do if we don’t have a better environment. Imagine an India where there is lack of clean air, clean water bodies. Wait it will be soon an imagination only and currently an imagination in some of the big cities and tier two cities where people are lacking clean air for breathing which is straightly violation of their fundamental right (article 21).

Someone has correctly said that we have borrowed environment from our fore fathers and we have to handover them this to our future generations so that they can breathe in a clean air and have access to proper and clean water bodies and environment. For this we have NGT (National green Tribunal) which has recently taken some bold steps.

Such as banning of old diesel vehicles and encouraging citizens for shifting to electric vehicles but apart from this until we completely shift to electric vehicles only we need strict and proper laws which can impose penalties on the person or association of person or industry or industries who are directly or indirectly causing harm to the environment to such extent making a place of inhabitable.

Currently we have an environmental law on all the sources which collectively make an environment and we have seen the result of such act BUT now we need a law which is powerful and uncompromisable and is just and perfect that it protect the environment and make India a better place to live and our future generation can breathe in a clean and beautiful environment and where no one suffers from the lungs and breathing disorders.

Thus it should be our Goal of all Indians that we all must take an initiative to make our India clean and green India and an India which is free from all the Shortcomings which we have discussed above and make India GOLDEN BIRD again

Jai Hind Vande Mataram

Written By: Kartik Srivastava

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