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Learning About Regulatory Offences For Some Basic Understanding

Facing a charge for even a minor crime may feel like a nightmare. Hence, if you live in Gold Coast, Queensland, it would help if you knew a few things about minor crimes already so that you can avoid those situations or look for a way out when charged. As such, minor offenses and regulatory offenses mean the same thing in Australia.

Some of the examples of these can be:
  1. Shoplifting an item that is worth $150 or less.
  2. Not paying the restaurant or hotel bill worth $150 or less after using its services or products and leaving the place.
  3. Causing property damage worth up to $250.
Although these are minor criminal charges, you should seek legal help if you have to approach the Court. For assistance, you can search for an expert Gold Coast criminal lawyer. The licensed advocates tend to be aware of all the legal nuances and can offer you the best advice to redeem you of the trouble. Anyway, regulatory offenses fall into three categories.

These include:
  • Tamper shop goods worth $150 or less. It can involve shoplifting, not paying the bill after eating or drinking at a shop, replacing price tags, removing price, etc.
  • Use accommodation, food, drink, goods, or services worth up to $150 at the restaurants or hotels and leaving without paying, or giving bad cheques, or using someone else’s credit card without his or her permission.
  • Cause damage to a property where the value of the loss is up to $250.
These types of cases usually happen in the Magistrates Court. You cannot appeal to a higher court for redemption. Since these are minor crimes, you don't need to fear imprisonment. However, if you face conviction, it will add to your criminal history, which is not a favorable situation. To avoid this, you must take the help of the legal advisor. Otherwise, you can end up having a criminal record.

In this context, it is critical to know that the police can charge you with serious offenses, such as stealing, fraud, wilful damage in place of shoplifting, leaving without paying, and unauthorized damage, respectively. All these charges can have severe legal implications. So, it would help if you did not take anything casually. Intervention by a learned criminal lawyer in the city can save you from these risks and headaches.

An important point to consider
Anyway, remember one thing that if you face any charges, you get a copy of Queensland Police Form 9 (QP9) from the police prosecutor. The document contains the details of the charges against you and under what circumstances this happened. You need to obtain this before going to your legal expert. You can avail of this document on the first court date, or if not, then you may request the police prosecutions for providing the same with a written application. The application should consist of your photo ID.

As you can see, even a minor offense can put your clean record at risk. If you don't want to get into any hassle, you must consult a criminal lawyer in your city for quick assistance.

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