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Israel-Hamas And United Nations

In our education, we often learn about the United Nations (UN) as an indispensable organization, imperfect yet crucial for maintaining global peace and stability. But in today's world, is this statement still valid? Let's delve into the achievements and failures of the UN, particularly in the context of the longstanding Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

Origins and Objectives:
Formed in October 1945, the UN emerged from the failures of its predecessor, the League of Nations, with a mandate to promote world peace and stability. One of its key missions was to give voice to the unheard, setting up various branches of the organization to address global issues.

Recent Events:
Recent incidents have highlighted the complexities and challenges the UN faces in fulfilling its objectives. Seven aid workers were tragically killed by Israel in Gaza, casting a shadow on humanitarian efforts in the region. The conflict has evolved beyond traditional warfare, with people now suffering from famine, hunger, and water scarcity in addition to gunfire.

UN Resolutions and Actions:
The UN, through its various councils and assemblies, has attempted to address the crisis in the Middle East.

October 25 2023 � an humanitarian pause in Gaza that would allow aid to pass through the strip , the drafted resolution also supported the 'right of all states to self defense', and Hamas to release the captives

Russian led draft on October 16, 2023 and 25, 2023 at UNSC

Brazilian led draft on October 18 2023 at UNSC for humanitarian pause

Again on 22nd December 2023 UNSC drafted a resolution to call for massive humanitarian aid in Gaza , but it was observed that draft did not call any break on the war.

An non binding resolution was passed on 27 October by UNGA to call immediate ceasefire and humanitarian aid at the Gaza.

Pakistan, on behalf of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation, introduced four resolutions in the Human Rights Council (HRC) in Geneva, focusing on issues ranging from the Gaza ceasefire to Israel's occupation of Syrian territory. However, India's withholding of one resolution underscores the challenges of achieving consensus on contentious issues.

Challenges and Criticisms:
Despite numerous resolutions and calls for action, the situation on the ground remains dire. The recent attack on the Iranian embassy in Syria and Israeli airstrikes near Syria and Lebanon have heightened tensions, raising concerns about the possibility of open war in the region. The UN's objectives regarding Hamas, including humanitarian access and the release of hostages, have yet to be fully realized.

While some progress has been made, such as the temporary aid deliveries to Gaza announced by Israel, the overall effectiveness of the UN in resolving the Israeli-Palestinian conflict is questioned. Non-binding resolutions and expressions of concern from world leaders have not translated into concrete action or lasting ceasefire agreements. The continued suffering of innocent civilians underscores the urgency for meaningful dialogue and concerted international efforts. As stated by turkey the Israel operation in Gaza is resulting to a massacre.

In conclusion, the UN's role in addressing the Israeli-Palestinian conflict remains complex and challenging. While it has made efforts to promote peace and stability in the region, significant hurdles persist. As the world continues to grapple with this ongoing crisis, it is imperative for the UN and its member states to redouble their efforts towards achieving a just and lasting resolution.

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