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Alternative Disputes Resolution Process (ADSR)

ADR's motive is to provide socio-economic and political justice, and to maintain integrity in society as enshrined in the preamble. ADR also strives to achieve equal justice and free legal aid under Article 39-A of the Directive Principles of State Policy.

As Indian courts are clogged with long and unsettled cases, despite the settlement of many cases by fast track courts, the problem is far from over.

The concept of ADR is a mechanism that provides an alternative to the conventional methods of resolving disputes. ADR offers to resolve all types of matters, including civil, criminal, industrial, and family disputes, by enabling parties to communicate, discuss differences, and resolve disputes. ADR acts as a mutual third party. It is a method that enables individuals and groups to maintain cooperation, social order, and provides an opportunity to reduce hostility.

ADR provides various modes of settlement, including arbitration/conciliation, mediation, negotiation, and Lok Adalat. It offers scientifically developed techniques that help in reducing the burden on courts, such as self-counseling, which does not have statutory recognition in India.

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