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Steps and docs to Obtain Marriage Certificate Online in India

Have you registered your marriage in India?
Yeah! It’s compulsory. Whether you’re a Hindu or you belong to any other religion, the Hindu Marriage Act, 1955 and the Special Marriage Act, 1954 make it mandatory to register it. Otherwise, you might not be able to get a spouse visa to settle abroad.

Why is it so?
Well, how can you prove that you’re a married one?

What is a marriage certificate?
Obviously, verbal statement won’t be the evidence. You need a proof to support what you’re saying. The judiciary of any country will approve it. Like a bachelorhood certificate, themarriage certificateIndia is a legal approval of your matrimony. If you would have asked for it before 2006, this kind of registration was optional. But now, it’s not. The Apex court came with this legislation to secure the legal rights of a woman. In all, women would be more protected through this registration.

What is the procedure to obtain marriage certificate India online?
The beauty of this facility is that you can register and get your online marriage proof from anywhere. Let’s have a look over the steps defining how you can obtain it in India online:

• Search with ‘Online marriage registration in Delhi’. You can change the location as your district or state might be different.
• Select the government website.
• Click it and get registered first. Let’s say I selected: The home page will have a hyperlinked option for registration. It names as ‘Registration of Marriage’. As you click, it will ask to register, first. Select Aadhaar Card or Voter Id in the field through which you want to register. And then, provide the same detail. Enter the code. Lastly, hit the Log In tab. You’re done with registration.
• Afterwards, you can select your Aadhaar or Voter Id and set the password to log in. Sign in.
• Now, select the ‘Certificate of Marriage’ from the list.
• A form will pop up. Fill in the blank fields. Provide the details of your marriage and spouse.
• Select the date of appointment.
• Submit the form by hitting the ‘Submit Application’ tab.
• As you submit, an acknowledgement slip will appear. Save it on your desktop for accessing its status. Or, you can take out its hard copy.
• Visit the office for an interview with the supporting documents, like marriage card or photographs and witnesses on the day of the appointment.
Get the Certificate of Marriage from SDM (Sub-Divisional Magistrate):
If you want it directly, you can obtain this marriage proof by following these steps:

For married under the Hindu Marriage Act:
• Visit the SDM office on any working day. The presence of both spouses would be mandatory.
• Take the form and duly fill it.
• Put your signature (of both spouses) at last.
• The SDM will verify all documents on the same day.
• An appointment day will be fixed for running a face to face round.
• Visit both of you to ADM (Additional District Magistrate) office on the day of the appointment.
• He would verify your application and put his signature on the legal marriage document.

The couple must accompany with two witnesses. They must have their PAN card or Aadhaar Card & address proof for authenticating their identity.
Documents Required:
• Duly filled & self-attested (of both husband and wife) application form.
• Self-attested address proof, like Voter ID, Aadhaar Card/ Passport/ Driving Licence
• Self-attested date of birth proof of both spouses
• 4 passport sized photographs of both
• Each should have marriage affidavit in the prescribed format.
• Marriage photographs and its card

Processing Time of Marriage Certificate Application:
People of diverse religions live in India. Therefore, it has a different processing time for Hindus and other religion people. In other words, if someone ties a knot under the Hindu Marriage Act, his/her application will process in 15 days of appointment.

But, if you talk about the matrimony under the Special Marriage Act, it might take 60 or more days.

Tatkal Marriage Registration:
Sometimes, spouses require it on the spur of the moment. It might be a call of a visa requirement or any legal claim. People used to face delays in their joining in the USA or any place abroad due to lack of this certificate. Therefore, the Revenue Department of Delhi government in 2014 became a competent authority to issue it in an emergency. It takes just 24 hours to conduct a single-day authorization. The marriage registration is on top priority for it.

How much fee should you pay to register your marriage?
• Under the Hindu Marriage Act:The fee would be varied from place to place. Currently, it takes just INR 100 for registering it.
• Under the Special Marriage Act:As said above, it can be variable. Presently, the civic body charges INR 150 for issuing this certificate under this act.
• Tatkal Marriage Registration:The revenue department charges INR 10,000 to deliver it in a single day.
Where do you need it?
• For passport
• Obtaining visa of your wife
• For traveling to the foreign country
• For claiming life insurance return or bank amount of the spouse who is no more.

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